Is 0345 Number Free? How 0345 Beneficial for Businesses?


The 0345 number is a very specific landline number. It is used by businesses, government bodies and the public sector. It is different from the conventional landline numbers that are why many organisations are using 0345 number. One good thing about these numbers is that they are not limited to a specific geographic location. Also, there is no restriction on who can use these numbers but they are being purchased by businesses and large organisations. If you are thinking of buying the 0345 number, many questions about this number may come to your mind. Read on to know all the necessary information about these numbers. 

What Is the 0345 number?

The 0345 area code is a non-geographical landline number that is becoming very popular in the UK. These numbers are an alternative to the expensive 0800 numbers; that is why many government bodies and private organisations are utilising them. Unlike the numbers starting from 01 or 02 that are linked to a specific area, the 0345 number is free from these geographical restrictions. All the numbers starting from 03 act the same no matter which digits they follow. Call charges for all the 03 numbers are the same whether they are used for domestic or business purposes. These types of numbers are very useful for the companies who have their business at different locations in the country. They can use one landline number without being linked to a specific area. 

Is 0345 Number Free?

Calls to 0345 numbers are not free. A telephone call to 0345 numbers cost the same as a call to a landline number or any business helpline. When calling from your landline, your phone provider may include free minutes in your monthly package. In this way, you can make a free call to any 0345 number. The same is in the case when you make calls from your mobile phone. If you have free minutes in your monthly plan, you can use these minutes to call all 0345 numbers. Although these numbers are not similar to free phones, calls to these numbers do not charge any extra cost. 0345 numbers are a cost-effective solution for both sides of the conversation. 

Can I Call A 0345 Number From Outside The UK?

Some of the 0345 numbers accept calls from outside the UK, but if they do not, an alternative is provided. When calling from outside the UK, you have to make changes to the 0345 number by adding a UK country code that is +44. To do this, you have to dial 0044 or +44 before dialling the first zero of the 0345 number and then dial the rest of the number. When you dial the 0345 number from abroad two things may happen. One is that you may be connected to the organisation you are calling, and the second is that your calling service provider blocks you from making calls altogether. 

How To Get A 0345 Number?

Are you looking to purchase a 0345 number for your business? There are many phone line providers in the UK offering 0345 numbers. Customers find these numbers cheaper than the traditional 0800 numbers. It means that 0345 numbers are perfect to purchase for the helpline of your business. Telephone line providers offer different pricing plans for 0345 numbers, and you can shop around to purchase numbers according to your business and budget requirements. You have an option to select from a range of numbers, and you can choose a more memorable number by paying a little extra cost. 

Why Should You Choose 0345 Numbers?

The main reason for which most businesses choose these numbers is the cost. It is also beneficial for their clients and customers in terms of rates. Moreover, some mobile companies also include 0345 numbers in your monthly numbers of voice call minutes. It means that you have enough free minutes to call on these numbers. Another reason for choosing these numbers is that you can advertise your business throughout the country like a business. These numbers allow your customers to call from any area of the country without any barrier.

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Benefits Of 0345 Numbers

Is 0345 numbers free


The main advantage of 0345 numbers is that they are non-geographic. It means that this code is different from traditional landline codes and does not denote any specific location. There are different ways your business can take benefits by using these numbers. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • One Telephone Number

You can advertise your business with a single phone number no matter how many locations you have. In this way, you can avoid the hassle of advertising individual numbers for every workplace. 

  • Attract More Customers

You can create an impression as a national business by using 0345 numbers. Furthermore, your customers find these numbers more cost-effective so they can connect you in a more easy way. In this way, you can attract more customers and clients. 

  • Call Redirection

Calls can be redirected without affecting your customer’s experience. For example, a company can redirect a call automatically, and the customer does not need to dial another number to connect with your organisation. 

  • Business Relocation

Companies can relocate their business or expand it to other areas of the country. With 0345 numbers, a company does not need to change its number in case of relocation. It can use the same number for no matter in which area of the country it opens a new branch. 

  • Memorable Numbers

One fact about 0345 numbers is that they can be easily memorable. You can choose easier numbers by paying a little extra cost. Moreover, you can build a professional image by using these numbers. People are likely to be attracted to companies that have an official image. 

If you still do not have an official number for your business, consider purchasing a 0345 number so that you can take plenty of benefits from it. You can save money by cutting the overhead costs, and your customers are also satisfied that they are paying low rates when connecting to your organisation. 


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