Top Notch Customer Experience

A unified communication platform to stay in touch with customers and your vendors. Provide service that stands out from your competitors. Experience continuous growth in your business, and never miss out on any customer.

top notch customer experience

Solutions By Sector
For The Retail Industry!

restaurant retail


Connect On Customer’s Terms

Reach to your customers across every touchpoint, whether it is a curbside pickup, table reservation or home delivery. With zero downtime, always be available.

Never experience a break in communication

Keep your customers and clients updated. With our uninterrupted service you, your business will always be connected to all the possible business leads.

Manage Conversations

Use new ways to engage customers and manage all the conversations across all digital channels. Use Group messaging, Video Calling and a range of other features to make your life easier.

Stay Connected

Keep your customers up-to-date with new offers and promotions. Use your inbound marketing strategies to get feedback from your valued customers.

Speciality Retail

Personalise Experience

New communication technologies to increase customer loyalty. Stay in touch with each shopper and help them in making the right purchase.

Get Context Before you connect.

Through auto-receptionist, route calls to related services and provide purchase data and associate profiles via integrated CRM apps.

Stay Connected Everywhere

Connect with customers and keep them updated by SMS alerts, chats and videos anywhere and at any time.

Consistent Customer Service

With a single application, create a seamless customer service from storefront to HQ through text alerts, video meetings, and a business phone.

speciality Retail voip
Mass Merchants

Food/Drugs/ Mass Merchants

Connect On Every Channel

Make consumers happy by keeping them in touch with the right person every time.

Eliminate Wait Times

Share phone lines across various endpoints to give shoppers quick access to the concerned department. Use Multi-level IVR, Call Queues and Voicemail to manage all your customers.

Make It Easy To Get Help

All in one stop, chat with the shopper across different digital channels and manage conversations.

Share Updates

All in one stop, chat with the shopper across different digital channels and manage conversations.

VoIP Business is compatible with all the latest applications!

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