VoIP provider in UK

There are number of factors you need to consider, while choosing a VoIP provider in UK.

Quality of Service

The first and the most important thing which needs to think about is the Quality of service. You may be trying to find the most affordable VoIP provider in UK, but you still need to make sure that your great quality service with no poor-quality or dropped calls. Also, remember that great VoIP systems depend on internet connection. Whilst a number of service providers might provide a dedicated service for this, but you still must consider the speed of your internet connection and the necessary hardware.


The second most important thing that you need to think about is the price. VoIP systems are becoming more affordable as the number of VoIP providers in UK are increasing day by day. You will notice that the price difference between the cheapest and the best provider will be just a few pounds. However, remember you will be better off with a Quality service rather than the cheapest service.

Company size and Experience

Even though a number of new VoIP providers might offer service equivalent of well-established providers, you are definitely better off with an established provider. When it comes to business you should not take any risks. Several small providers might even go out of business or lack the sophisticated facilities and hardware which is needed to provide smooth service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

A lot of providers sell themselves as the best VoIP provider in the industry. It can be a tough task to identify the best from the rest of the lot. But it has to be done to get the satisfaction guarantee. There are some VoIP providers which allow users to try their VoIP systems for 30 days. they might even provide money back if you decide to cancel contract/subscription within the first 30 days. particularly if you are not satisfied with the service. All of this comes at an additional cost.

Plans Offered

You must look for a provider who offers more than just one plan. majority of VoIP providers in UK offer more than three VoIP service plans to allow their customers to choose from the option they prefer. However, you have to choose the best plan according to your business needs.

Scalability for Your Business

With a growing business, it is essential that you have the option to add new users or devices easily to your phone system, which you should be able to go through an online dashboard. Now the days are gone when you needed an engineer to fit new extensions or phone lines. When you have a configurable online portal then you wouldn’t need a physical Private Branch Exchange (PBX) which takes up unnecessary space in the office. you should look for services which allow you to add users just at a click of a button and enables call plans to develop as your business does.

Customer Support

Another crucial factor that you need to consider while choosing VoIP systems is customer support. You must look for a VoIP provider who offers 24*7 customer support. At all cost, you should avoid the providers that offer customer service just a few days a week.

Extra features

When selecting a provider go for the provider who offers extra features at no additional cost. A number of useful features which you need to look out for include caller ID, call filtering, call forwarding, conference calls and call waiting.

Local Area Codes

You must look for a VoIP service provider providing local area codes. This way you can avoid your customers getting charged for the long-distance calls and particularly if they are calling you from a landline.

Emergency Services

Compared to the traditional analogue phones the VoIP systems use different mechanisms and protocols. Therefore, you have to look for a VoIP provider which offers enhanced emergency service. This not only allows you to make emergency calls, but it also enables the local dispatch centre to automatically get your name and location. This service will come in handy in an emergency situation.

Reviews and Testimonials

You must make sure to search for authentic customer testimonials and reviews of the VoIP provider in UK before you make a decision. Also, you can find certain quality customer reviews from several different review sites. Be cautious of the VoIP providers who have bad customer reviews and a tainted image. Before making any decision, you should call the provider to inquire about their VoIP systems and what you should expect when you sign up for their services.

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