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Choosing Us As Your UK VoIP Solution

VoIP business offers a wide range of phone numbers and features all within an affordable monthly cost. Our hosted Voice over IP platform provides crystal clear call quality, giving users a better experience than traditional landline phones.

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Things To Consider When Picking The Best VoIP Provider

Monthly Service Costs

Having a physical line connected to the office along with monthly line rental can cost a business a lot. Hence, businesses should look for services that can provide the same functionality while saving cost.


Before committing to any service, businesses need to look at the terms of service and understand the contract and check if there are cancellation charges. It is important to compare call plans and cost of services offered. 

Easy setup

Businesses need a VoIP telephone system that’s easy to set up. Look for a service provider doesn’t need any additional hardware or has added costs. A good service can be configured with VoIP softphones to make pick calls through desktop, tablet or smartphone.

VoIP phone and PBX compatibility

If you have an on-site PBX or VoIP desk phone in the office then be sure those can be used with new VoIP service. If you have to buy new hardware then make sure to look at recommended brands that you can use. 

VoIP Call Quality & Reliability

Another important thing is to evaluate the reliability of a VoIP service before committing. This can be done by making sure that inbound calls have the clearest experience. A good service provider offers a free trial.

Number Portability

Your business may not want to change a number specific to geographic location or familiar to your customer base. Ensure provider’s compatibility to deal with phone numbers before signing up. Also, assess how easy their number porting process is.

Easy Scalability

For any growing business, it is important to have the option of adding users or devices easily. A good VoIP provider will have an online dashboard which allows you to add users or devices at a click of a button, allowing your business to grow.

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Why Our Business VoIP Service Is Better?

A hosted VoIP phone system is an advanced internet telephony system that is built, delivered and managed by a third-party provider. A hosted system allows businesses of all types and sizes to benefit from the perks of a complete telephony system set up based on business needs.

Business Grade

Businesses can save money while improving operability between your fixed and mobile phones through our business-grade network.

Low Calling Rates

Our low international calling rates allow users to access global markets. Users only pay
Pay for what they use. Plus, calls to other VoIP business users are free!

Great Value Service

Signup to our feature-rich services without any binding contract, with complete technical support for your business needs.

Quick Setup

Our setup is quick and easy. Users can also port their old phone numbers to VoIP business without any hassle.

Geographical Freedom

VoIP phone numbers are not tied to a geographical location and allow users to function as one office from multiple locations.

Audio Excellence

Leverage our great service quality that provides the same audio quality as a fixed phone line but through a cloud-based business phone system.

360 Management

Businesses can manage their communications from multiple sites down to each user through a simple interface.

Ready To Get Started

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