Call Analytics

Call Analytics for your entire team, at your fingertips View and analyse call performance to improve your sales and customer performance.

Complete call analytics reporting

Complete call analytics reporting for your business. VoIP Business automatically pulls your call logs together. Whether you have inbound, outbound and even missed calls, our Call Analytics will pick that up. Any information from call volume to miss call patterns, wait time, all can be used for further data analysis to uncover factors influencing team performance.

Optimise your customer experiences with call reporting

Our call reporting features and dashboards help you understand deeper insights about your calls. Whether you are analysing volume of calls, outgoing calls and also duration of call, VoIP Business enables you to calculate average call duration, calls per number (geographic or non geographic and also single numbers). Our chart feature has a time range feature which is really handy to compare time periods and also you can email the reports to yourself and the team on a regular basis or share with other important stakeholders of your business.

VoIP Business call analytics features

Call intelligence can be transformational for your business, let us know your call requirements.

Call outcome

This shows the total number of calls versus outgoing and incoming calls, and the number of calls going to voicemail versus straight up hung up calls.

Call origination

This part shows the location of calls (country, can also dive into regions) and also which type of device was used to make the call (e.g. landlines or mobile).

Call termination

This one elaborates on the call distribution to the internal team or teams. If you have local and international teams, then this can be really helpful in understanding call routing and call performance.

Is call reporting a premium feature?

Sure, otherwise, just add £2 on top of your basic or standard plan, as it is also available as an add-on. The reporting feature is instantly activated once added to your admin panel.

Email reports

Send emails to yourself or add multiple email addresses. Reports are downloadable in CSV, PDF or even HTML.


We have different types of graphs and charts that fit the scenario you are trying to analyse with regards to your call performance and insights.

Frequently asked questions

Call analytics dissects the conversations of recorded calls through speech analytics. The feature can analyze the pitch and tone of the caller’s voice, along with the few particular index words or phrases. For instance, you can look for the words ‘cancellation’ and ‘problem’ through the calls. It gives you the ability to dig deeper and find out the products associated to those terms. This gives you the ability to search and address problems before it gets bad.

Pinpoint Profitability: with this feature of call analytics you get excellent leads of overall phone calls in percentage, which gives you an insight into which channels are driving qualified calls to your business. 

Optimise Marketing Messaging: with call analytics you can understand the quality of your inbound calls which then lets you adjust your campaigns to enhance your efficiencies and sales performance.

Save Time: you can reduce the manual management of calls by employing automated call scoring and other transcription features. 

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