Voip Business Call Analytics

Review your recent inbound, outbound, and missed calls.

Complete call analytics reporting

Call Analytics is a useful feature to measure, collect, analyze and report the phone call data. Call analytics indicates key performances through call tracking and call recording metrics. This feature is useful for businesses to review which online and offline marketing channels drive calls to their business and also give an understanding of what happens during that calls for better qualification and optimization. Call analytics also offers call recording, call transcriptions, lead scoring and advanced reporting which allows users to listen to employees’ conversations.

Optimise your customer experiences with call reporting

As a manager, you can understand deeper insights about your calls. Whether you are analyzing the volume of calls, outgoing calls or duration of calls, you can calculate average call duration, calls per number (geographic or non-geographic and also single numbers). Through chart feature time range you can compare time-periods and can email the reports to yourself and the team regularly or share with other important stakeholders of your business.

Benefits of Call Analytics

Call intelligence can be transformational for your business, let us know your call requirements.

Businesses can also use this feature to understand which of their ads drive qualified calls to their business.

Call analytics can aid companies to give better customer service, particularly those companies who have technical support or customer service teams.

VoIP business call analytics also allows you to record your employees’ calls and it can help you identify the trends that could affect your company.

You can enhance the performance of your employees by measuring their performance.

Call analytics allows you to monitor the calling activity and keep the track of key metrics, for example, the volume of calls and their length. Then you can know the patterns of every call and can accommodate the resources better for the future.

It becomes easier to check and compare the call duration, count and availability of all employees.

Frequently asked questions

Call analytics dissects the conversations of recorded calls through speech analytics. The feature can analyze the pitch and tone of the caller’s voice, along with the few particular index words or phrases. For instance, you can look for the words ‘cancellation’ and ‘problem’ through the calls. It gives you the ability to dig deeper and find out the products associated to those terms. This gives you the ability to search and address problems before it gets bad.

VoIPBusiness understands that not every call is created equal and it is not fair to overwhelm your employees with low-quality calls that would waste their time. Hence, the call analytics provide a solution by custom filtering and routing features which helps you enhance your customer service.

You can generate reports for all the call activity in your business, such as outbound and inbound call volume, total calls, details on answered or missed calls, average calls per day and time, and more.

Pinpoint Profitability: with this feature of call analytics you get excellent leads of overall phone calls in percentage, which gives you an insight into which channels are driving qualified calls to your business. 

Optimise Marketing Messaging: with call analytics you can understand the quality of your inbound calls which then lets you adjust your campaigns to enhance your efficiencies and sales performance.

Save Time: you can reduce the manual management of calls by employing automated call scoring and other transcription features. 

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