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What Is Cold Calling

What Is Cold Calling? A Guide For Sales Professionals

Before the innovation of e-commerce and websites, businesses relied on telephone calls for advertisement and to generate interest. ‘ cold calling’ means calling people from a list of names and phone numbers to promote business to people who have not

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Device as a service

A Comprehensive Guide To Device As A Service (DaaS)

You may have heard the term “Device as service” or “Daas” because it is getting popular with businesses across all industries. Everything is changing in this advanced tech age, including how products and services are used. For instance, imagine if

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Integrating IoT with VoIP System

The Benefits Of Integrating IoT with VoIP System

For several decades the advancement in technology has revolutionised the telecommunication industry. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) has become very popular among businesses, and with time more and more businesses are moving towards this advanced communication system. However, VoIP is

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Web Based Application

What Is A Web Based Application – Benefits and Examples

In today’s competitive market, maximizing user interaction and capturing market segments has become necessary. Customized web-based applications are the best ways to reach your customers. With the help of such apps, users can interact with you using a web browser

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What is POTs Line

What Is a POTS Line? Do Your Business Needs One

A POTs line is a copper wires network connected to a standard phone that provides power and connectivity to the service provider’s central switching system. We all know everything is going digital, including communication, such as making calls or sending

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VoIP Vs POTS Lines

VoIP Vs POTS Lines : How VoIP Is Different From POTS Lines

The telecommunication world used to be much simpler, but with technological advancements, phone systems have also become advanced. Today, businesses have numerous options for choosing their phone system. Within these options are VoIP and POTS. All businesses are looking for

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