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Virtual Receptionist

Auto Attendant is a premium voip feature that enables your company to use custom greetings and give a menu system on the dialler so that inbound callers can reach the right teams in your business.

Ring Groups

Ring Groups enables you to break your entire business into teams. Each team then has a set of extensions that helps distribute the incoming calls, so team members can collaborate to share the workload.

Number Porting

Number porting allows you to bring your own phone numbers to VoIP Business. If you don't wish to change phone numbers for your business and teams, we can switch them across to us. You can still buy more numbers from us.

Music on Hold

Music on hold allows your inbound callers to listen to the custom music or music playlist of choice. Instead of just waiting with no music playing, you can play recorded music or marketing messages, giving your business that professional edge.

Phonebook Assistance

Phonebook allows your business users to load all their business contacts onto their voip system. This allows for easier integration via LDAP to their office 365 or Google Apps. All your numbers are always accessible via your extension.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is our modern alternative to costly old traditional phone systems. As this is on the cloud, we terminate calls for you if you are using a SIP server. There is virtually no downtime with PBX on the cloud and peace of mind for your business calls.


Softphone is available via any browser in the world. Use your favourite browser on desktop. laptop or even on your mobile phone. You don't have to worry about apps on IOS or Google Play crashing, so long as you use softphone on browser, your voip will always work.


Instant Messaging

Our Instant Messaging service allows you to communicate with other employees in your team and also externally to other customers. This reduces red-tape in communication and allows for unified communications.

Virtual Office Call Recording

Call recording is a premium feature that allows staff to record inbound, outbound and even conference calls. This can be either on-demand or keeping it simple by having it always-on. All calls are stored securely on the cloud.

Contacts Integration

Contacts integrations works with your email services, whether you have Google Apps or Office 365, the phone directory will sync your contacts via LDAP. Never miss any contact details with our in-built contact integration feature.


Presence is a feature that is enjoyed by most of our call center clients. It allows the manager or the one responsible for the teams to know who is busy and who is not, so that calls can be allocated and the workload distributed evenly.


Virtual Office Mobile for iPhone

Our softphone is available in beta for the latest version of iOS, otherwise most of our clients use the web app which can be used via Safari on any iPhone/iPad. It is very light weight and will suit your communication needs when using your iPhone.

Virtual Office Mobile for Android

Our softphone for Android is in beta at the moment. Should you wish to use VoIP Business on your android tablet or any device, including the phone, then just use the Chrome/Chromium browser and load the web app, all functionalities will be accessible.

Softphone for Desktop/Laptop

Whether you using a Windows laptop or Macbook, desktop or any mac device, our softphone is compatible with all major browsers. Also compatible with Brave, Edge, Opera and Chromium, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and also Internet Explorer.


Online Administration

Our simple and fully-featured admin panel can be easily accessed via the web. All users can be managed including all other settings. It literally takes seconds to change anything or troubleshoot any issues on the admin panel. Set up and configure extensions, ring groups, and re-configure your multi-level IVR as many times as you want, you're fully in control.

Virtual Office Online

As a user, manage all your extensions and user configurations online via the web app. With this user dashboard you can configure which calls to block, when to pick up phone calls, when to divert them to another phone or extension.. You can also configure call recording features, online voicemail, instant messaging, presence and also web conferencing, and much more.

Virtual Office Desktop

Our Windows and Mac application is in beta at the moment, but feel free to use the full web app on bigger screens and make full use of our amazing VoIP features. Access all your contact lists, call and web conference recordings, voicemails, virtual fax and also use the web app with your own business phone at work or at home. Or keep it simple by picking up calls via the browser.


Unlimited Calling

Choose from our other great plans for other calling plans. If you wish to use the best plan, the one that gives you peace of mind, then choose the Unlimited Calling plan, and never worry about call credits anymore.

3-Way Calling

If you're on a two-way call and need another person to be on the line, then instantly add the third person to initiate a 3-way call. All your small conferences are a breeze on our VoIP Business system.

Business SMS

Send, receive and track text messages via our VoIP Business service. Whether you wish to push SMS internally to colleagues or to end customers, the Business SMS feature provides a great and simple way to communicate.

Call Forwarding

Forward some or all your calls, at different times of the day, to different extensions or external numbers. If you can't pick up from your business phone, forward calls to your mobile. Same applies if you're working from home, or on the go, feel free to forward calls anytime.

Conference Bridge

Each set of extensions we provide enables 3-way conference conference calls. If you wish to use our conference bridge, then you can host up to 15 users on it. Why use an external conference system when you can use VoIP Business as a unified system for all your communication needs.

Caller ID Blocking

Block all those irritating callers by uploading a list of all numbers to block. You can also block a single number or batch of numbers. That would reduce inconvenient inbound calls that cost your business time and money. Block and unblock caller IDs by using this core VoIP Business feature.

Caller ID

Want to know and double check who's calling before you pick it up? Our handy caller ID feature will identify the inbound number and display it either on the web app, business phone or your mobile. For external caller ID, you can personalise it for yourself or for the entire business.

Call Waiting

If you or your staff are busy handling other important calls, you can still allow inbound calls to reach you. Call waiting uses a beep to indicate that there is an incoming call. That gives you the ability to either put the current caller on hold to answer the new call. Juggle between two lines as if it was nothing.

Call Transfers

We have either a Warm call transfer or Cold call transfer. Our call transfer option allows you to transfer calls to other staff with ease. You can either announce the call to the person you are transferring the call to, that is Warm transfer. Or, with blind/cold transfer, send the call directly to the extension, without announcing it. Simple.

Do Not Disturb

Wish to have some quiet time to finish existing conversations with your customers, then use the DND feature to make sure you don't get any calls, and the business doesn't miss on them. The calls can be easily forwarded to another team or staff, or even a voicemail. It is a handy feature when you are on conference call as well.

Group Call Pickup

If you have multiple teams, either locally or internationally, then this feature is brilliant. Group call pickup allows another team to pick up inbound calls on behalf of a team. If a team in the UK is off for a bank holiday, then the US team can pick up incoming calls. Similarly, an internal team in your office might pick up if the other is at an event.

Additional Ring Groups

Wish to share the distribution of incoming calls and make sure the team is productive with phone calls, then assign some staff to a ring group based on a particular criteria. This could be based on location, language, skills or seniority etc. If you wish to add extra ring groups, which you will need when you upscale, then just let us know.


Use our business-class online voicemail feature to view and listen to voicemails at any time. All you needs is the internet, If you can't listen to them, use our VoIP system to deliver your voicemails to your email. Access them via the phone, laptop or even tablet.

Group Intercom Paging

This is our internal chat feature that we have for businesses. We developed this feature after client feedback and it allows all teams and users to communicate internally, and in that way it is better to communicate with end customers. If there are any questions, people get the chance to ask internally, via this group paging system.

Call Park

Parking a call is very easy with VoIP Business. This is a popular day-to-day feature used by most of our clients. You can "park" any calls in the cloud so that other employees or teams can pick them up. So long as you have extensions that are working as part of your plan, you can park and pick up calls in your business.

Voicemail to Email

This is a handy feature that is loved by VoIP Business users. Voicemails are delivered right in your inbox as audio files that can be listened right away or anytime as they are stored in your inbox. It's a great way to save time and concentration from listening to voicemails as and when they come in. Never worry about missing VMs again.

Internet Fax

A personal online faxing service comes with each user plan. You can send and receive online faxes from any computer. Gone are the days of standing near a physical fax machine and waiting for it to work. VoIP Business provides you with modern communication tools and equips your team for the future.

Integration Coming Soon


Instant Messaging

Voip Business Virtual Office includes easy instant message access to your contacts whether they are your colleagues on the same phone system, your Google App/Gmail contacts. Learn more about Instant Messaging..

Virtual Office Call Recording

Voip Business Call Recording is an extension-level call recording service included with each Virtual Office Pro extension. Virtual Office Pro extension users can record their own incoming and outgoing calls, play them back, download, or delete them. Learn more about call recording.

Contacts Integration

Collaboration is easy when you consolidate and integrate your contacts with Voip Business Virtual Office Desktop. Have all your Gmail, Lync, Outlook, Office 365, Exchange and Voip Business phone system contacts at your fingertips. Learn more about Contacts Integration.


See who’s available, who’s busy with the Voip Business Presence feature. Voip Business Virtual Office lets you instantly see the status of other employees on your phone system. Learn more about the Presence feature.