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Standard and robust industry
features included in VoIP Business

IVR Auto Attendant

Your virtual receptionist will be able to route calls to the right department and agents, day and night,
all with custom greetings and music, and a menu system for the callers to be able to select options.

Music On Hold

Choose from our sound library any music that you have uploaded, can use custom music as well. All the music files are saved on the cloud, and each user can have access to the global library or be using their own local sound library.

Mobile/Desktop Apps

We've taken softphones to the next level. Use our Business VoIP system on any of your devices with iOS, Android, Windows or MacOS. Choose the right app for your Phones, Desktops, Laptops and even Tablets and have your own virtual office.

Call Recording

Secure and compliant call recording of all inbound and outbound call. Simple to use, one can do automatic or on demand recordings for both conferences and voice calls. All is stored in the cloud, so one can access them from anywhere.


Have audio conferences via virtual meeting rooms and hold them with up to 125 participants from anywhere in the world. Use our powerful features to manage conferences and also record them.

Call Forwarding

Never miss any important business calls as our call forwarding features allows any inbound calls to be forwarded to others agents, ring groups, pickup groups or voicemails and external numbers.

Call Routing

Use this feature to map your calls to the right agents, whether during office hours or out of hours, you can always route your calls to the right person, department, and voicemail and even play some custom music and personalise messages to them too.

Hot Desking

Feel free to move around and pick any desks, with the right extensions, you can even access your phone at another desk. You are not tied to a particular desk with this feature and are able to tap into the hot desking culture.

Call Monitoring

This feature allows users and managers to monitor calls to understand more and gather business insights. These could be used to improve sales performance, customer service and in general understand how calls are being answered and be better at it.

Ring Groups

All your users in your business can be put in groups, e.g., the whole office as a Ring Group, or have particular departments and teams be assigned to ring groups, such as Accounts, Sales, Support and more. All the phones in that group will ring.

CRM Integration

If you are already using any popular CRM, you will need to connect our Cloud VoIP system to it to be able add to your CRM records for the inbound and outbound phone calls. We can integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho and also Agile CRM.

Call Analytics

Use call logs and analytics about inbound, outbound and also call waiting and routing to understand more about the call flows in your business and how the leaderboard can be improved. Also this
allows to tap into insights that help improve performance.

Cloud PBX

Our simple and powerful hosted voip phone system allows all the features to sync back and forth to the cloud and in that sense, one doesn't have to worry about maintaining the PBX as it is an off-
premise cloud PBX. Peace of mind for your business.

Call Queues

Choose how your organise inbound calls to be distributed to particular users or particular users in a group based on some pre-determined or pre-assigned pattern. Better manage the calls and the HR resources with call queues and distribute calls fairly.

Find Me/Follow Me

Similar to mobile twinning, you can carry on with your phone call on another device or even have all your devices ring when someone is calling you. Those who do flexible working will be able to pick calls at home, at the office and also on their mobile phone.

Voicemail to Email

Don't have time to listen to all voicemails in a sequential order? One has the feature to access their emails and have the voicemails already in there, so that they can easily filter through them. This makes life so much easier.

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