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VoIP Business offers modern communication solutions for individuals and small businesses, transforming networking, interacting, and working in groups with advanced calling, text, and other products.


Make internal communication smooth for your employees by granting every employee a unique extension.


With our sophisticated voicemail service, you can never miss an important message. Effortlessly retrieve and manage voicemails, with you being able to stay updated.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is one of the most important feature, allowing smooth call redirection to colleagues, teams, queues and much more.

Ring Group

Create ring groups with different patterns to route the incoming calls more efficiently.

Call Queue

Using queues to organize incoming calls, as well as reducing call waiting times and improving the overall process of handling a call efficiently enhances customer experience.

Voicemail To Email

Our Voicemail feature is completely customisable for each user and any group, at an extension level. Never miss any customer.

Call Waiting

Never miss even if you are on a call. With our call-waiting feature, vital calls are never ignored.

Desktop App

Enjoy the ease of our desktop program, where all communication tools are united on one common platform for effortless interactions.


The real-time status of employee availability should be known to enhance communication and cooperation.

Virtual Fax

Virtual fax is a revolutionary feature that allows you to send and receive faxes without any fax machine or telephone line.

Admins/Management Features

Call Recording

Compliance and review vital conversations with our call recording feature. It is an indispensable training, quality assurance and documentation tool.

Hot Desk

Maximize workplace mobility and collaboration through hot desking, where employees are free to utilize any available desk phone.

Music On Hold

Provide customized music or messages for callers when they are on hold can be sure that while waiting; a professional company profile is met.

Basic IVR

Our simple Interactive Voice Response system can be used to improve call routing efficiency by directing the caller to the appropriate department or information.

Call Monitoring

Make internal communication smooth for your employees by granting every employee a unique extension.

Dial Directory

To have easy access to a central dial directory, so you can save time and avoid mistakes in calling.


Audio Conference

Audio conferencing enables teamwork that can occur even between members who may be kilometers away.

Video Conference

Promote collaboration to a higher level with HD video conferencing and establish face-to-face interactions despite distance.

Three-Way Calling

Connect quickly with several team members or clients at a time to ensure efficient communication and decision making.

File Sharing

Collaborate effectively with shared documents and exchange files via our secure communication network.

Analytics & Reporting

Call Analytics

Get call analytics information to understand your talking patterns, so you can make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Live Reports

Live reports on call activities allow quick adjustments to be made for improved handling of calls and better customer service.

Business Phone System

Upgrade your communication game with our advanced Business Phone System designed for efficiency, scalability, and crystal-clear connections, empowering your team to communicate seamlessly and professionally.

Admins/Management Features


Analytics & Reporting

Ensure The highest Standard Of Communication

It signifies the commitment to upholding excellence, clarity, and effectiveness in communication.

Great savings and flexibility in business communication

Best-in-market pricing

Enjoy pocket-friendly plans and leverage cloud solutions without worrying about your budget

Scale as you grow

Add and remove extensions as you scale up or down. Relocate and expand without any worries

Customisable features

Pick and drop features as you wish. Handle peak season rush without straining your pocket

“You’re not replacing like for like on telephony. What you’re buying is the opportunity to extend your business processes. You’re buying yourself access to data that you don’t currently have

Jackson – CEO


You can revolutionise how you communicate while keeping within budget. VoIP Business provides inexpensive products that generate the highest possible return on investments, enabling you to use resources effectively and achieve good efficiencies.

User-Friendly Interface

We have an intuitive user interface that is easy to use. Farewell to cumbersome configurations, and welcome to a smooth user interface. Make technology available and user-friendly to empower your team.

Tailored for Businesses

The VoIP Business company understands the specific needs of businesses today. Our offerings are carefully designed to adhere to today’s business environment standards, ensuring that you possess instruments leading your success.

Reliability and Security

Use a protected communication platform where your data is kept safe. VoIP Business uses cutting-edge techniques that protect your information, meaning a secure and reliable communication channel.

Ready To Transform Your Communication?

VoIP Business is a service that offers advanced communication technologies to support businesses. It's a cost-efficient and elegant solution for improving communication.

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