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Our Standard Features

With our hosted PBX, one can manage all their users from one admin panel. Multiple devices and extensions help staff to answer and make calls from anywhere.

Call Recording

Secure and compliant call recording of all inbound and outbound call.

IVR Auto Attendant

Your virtual receptionist will be able to route calls to the right agents.

Hot Desking

Feel free to move around and pick any desks, with the right extensions.

Mobile/Desktop Apps

We’ve taken softphones to the next level. Use VoIP Business system on any of your devices.

Call Monitoring

This feature allows users and managers to monitor calls to understand more and gather business insights.

Cloud PBX

Our simple and powerful hosted voip phone system allows all the features to sync back and forth to the cloud.

Find Me/Follow Me

Similar to mobile twinning, you can carry on with your phone call on another device.

Call Analytics

Use call logs and analytics about inbound, outbound and also call waiting and routing to understand more about the call flows.


Have audio conferences via virtual meeting rooms and hold them with up to 125 participants from anywhere in the world.

Voicemail to Email

Don’t have time to listen to all voicemails in a sequential order? One has the feature to access their emails and have the voicemails already in there.

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