VoIPBusiness extensions connect your customers with your system. For any thriving business, the staff is extremely important part, therefore, it is important to give them powerful tools so that their tasks are done is most professional and efficient way.

VoIP Business Call Queue

Easily configure all your extensions

Generally, each extension has 2, 3 or 4 digits that are used to call inside the office quickly. Each extension has its own mailbox. Your VoIPBusiness phone system is based in the cloud hence you get a lot of flexibility when creating extensions for your different departments and members across various devices and addresses.

With VoIPBusiness extension you get a lot of cost-saving options and it lets your workers contact each other despite their work location. VoIPBusiness extension feature allows the staff to be a part of the same VoIP phone system even if they are using own phones to receive the incoming calls.

Extensions feature can be very powerful for your business. Every extension has it very own phonebook. Extensions share a domain phonebook which is accessible to the whole domain.

Benefits of Extension features?

Along with many benefits every extension has its own voicemail along with email notification and custom greetings, answering rules, real-time call management with softphone etc.

You can use these extensions to play announcements for your customers while decreasing the need to answer incoming calls for common information for example hours of operation.

You also have the freedom to edit, add and remove extension anytime you want. You don’t need any special training, specialist or IT professional for handling.

This feature allows you to create an image of a large and sophisticated business.

These extensions can be used to connect various offices locations, remote and mobile workers under a single system to combine your local and distributed team.

You can ass workers to various departments, every department can have its own answering rules, extensions, and voicemail which provide you with multiple ways to save time and become more resourceful.

With extensions, it becomes easier to pick up the phone and just dial few digits whether you want to call someone at the next table or another country.

Employees can use the transfer feature to just dial the extension and talk to the right person.

With the extension feature, locations become less important whether every worker works from a different location. With this feature, you are just an extension away from other employees.

Extension FAQs:

Traditionally businesses used 4 digit extensions, VoIPBusiness offers its providers 3, 4 and 5 digit extensions depending on the requirements of the business. The best advantage of extensions is that you can use several extensions and don’t have to pay for any additional lines.

For example, your business may have bought 10 lines which are more than enough for your business need. However, to have multiple extensions each will have to be connected to a physical line. With VoIP, you don’t need to buy any extra lines to have multiple extensions.

With growing businesses, many companies have employees that are scattered across a different location or maybe work from home. With VoIPBusiness extension location is not that important. Employees can use extensions while working from different places. For example, an employee from the main office can call his coworker who is in another city or in next room and both the calls will be treated the same.

You can just buy one phone number for the entire office and can assign each employee a unique extension so that every employee has a direct line to their phone.

Among many other benefits, extensions allow you to transfer calls through extensions. Employees can transfer any inbound call directly to another employee or can inform them about a call before transferring it.

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