Benefits of VoIP

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How VoIP Business meet business Demands

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VoIP Business offers Hosted PBX, which is designed for every type of business. Our service scales to meet the requirements of your business, whether you have a small business organization or large. Hosted PBX provides several features, including auto-attendants, conference calling, call queue and much more.

With this system, your company can operate under one umbrella even if you have multiple locations. With hosted PBX, there is no need for external equipment or software. It can function over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) through the internet and VoIP. Hosted PBX also decreases the cost of operation because it doesn’t require any maintenance or upgrades. If any issue occurs in the system, then VoIP Business is responsible for troubleshooting and resolving the problem.

What are the Benefits of our VoIP System?

Our system allows your business to give a better impression through its features such as music on hold, auto attendant, and HD voice services. It also allows you to produce customised messages for your callers. Hosted PBX offers professionalism and efficiency so you can build your customer base, better company vision and achieve success.

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Benefits of VoIP Business

Easy Usability

Management of Hosted PBX is extremely user-friendly as compared to traditional phone systems. With intuitive web inferences, you can easily manage, monitor and modify the service anytime you want without needing a specialised person.


Cost Savings

With Cloud PBX, you wouldn’t have to make a large upfront investment in the telephone system. There is no cost of maintenance or upkeep. With hosted PBX, your office phone system will be operated and maintained by VoIP Business.


With Hosted PBX, your staff has the freedom to work from anywhere. Your employees will no longer be bounded to the office. You can have staff working in other offices, homes, or other settings.

Local Presence

Hosted PBX allows you to have local virtual numbers in cities where you do not have an office. This way, you can create your virtual presence without an office in another place.


Hosted PBX is also beneficial for small businesses as it can help them get instant credibility with their clients by using an outstanding professional phone system.


Traditional phone systems can be very limited regarding the number of users and the lines required from the provider. In contrast, the PBX system can grow according to your business requirement and help you expand your business.

Advantages of Using a Cloud VoIP System

Businesses can give customers personalised responses with voicemail greetings, music-on-hold, conference calls and auto-dialling. With VoIPBusiness services, companies can improve their professional image and overall customer experience.

Hosted PBX FAQs

How Hosted PBX works?

Hosted PBX is based on VoIP. It is a process through which voice is digitized and is then transmitted in digital packets instead of using conventional copper phone lines of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Each VoIP phone has a unique IP Address. As a result Hosted PBX translates the public phone network to an IP address. When a phone number is dialed, the Hosted PBX switch looks up the IP address and transports the call to the VoIP phone.

How much time will it take my business to get up and running on Hosted PBX?

VoIP Phones can be shipped immediately and PBX service can be established in one day in emergency situations. Nonetheless, the usual installation takes around a week, which is the time required to deliver phones, schedule an install, configure and train.

What type of savings can my business expect with Hosted PBX?

With Hosted PBX you can expect savings to be as high as 50% over your existing services.

Will my existing phone service be interrupted through the set up of Hosted PBX?

No disruption will happen. We first set up the hosted PBX service and then you forward your number to our service whilst the port is pending. When the port takes place, it will be transparent to you.

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