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Hold online meetings in virtual conference rooms, host as many as you want.

Call Conferencing Works

How Call Conferencing Works?

Conference calling allows you to connect several people into a single call. To join the call participants, dial a number, enter a conference code and pin. Every person who dials into the conference call service will be able to hear and talk to all the other participants in the call. Businesses that handle multiple clients often need to communicate with them. Therefore, they need specialised technology which allows you to talk to several people at the same time. That’s where VoIP business conferencing comes in.

Call Conferencing Scenario

Set up a time and date of your conference, assign a dedicated number e.g. 0845 177 8788. If there are people calling from outside the UK, just let them know to add +44 and remove the zero at the front of the number. You’ll have an extension for that conference room/or unique conference, given by VoIP Business. Just use the PIN number and you’re in. When any other participants dial-in, they will be asked for your conference number followed by the PIN, you can assign a User pin that all attendees can use – your Admin pin remains separate. You must have defined how many attendees you want in this conference, let’s say 20. That’s it, easy, happy conferencing.

Call Conferencing Scenario

Benefits of Call Conferencing?


Audio and video conference call is easy to set up and are very simple to use. In no time, all participants can be connected over the phone for an important meeting.


In terms of costs, telecoms have always been more expensive, therefore our VoIP phone system offers the same quality of phone conferencing but a reduced and more competitive price.


By connecting business and clients together the need to travel is eliminated and hence energy is saved and the pollution from fuel usage is reduced. Since conferences are conducted over an internet connection, they also do not use any paper and don’t produce waste material which has to be recycled.


No worrying about how many people you can conference in or if people using different devices will be able to dial in. Our VoIP phone system takes care of that, so that can have 25 users to up to 125 people at the conference. Conference recording is also available.

Frequently asked questions

Sure, you can choose a dedicated conference number or configure conferencing on your VoIP business hosted phone system account.

No expensive hardware is needed, just use a headset if you want, or any accessory available for your voice to be crisp, sharp and good quality enough to be digitally transferred to your fellow conference users. Also, any phone to dial in the conference.

You can have up to 25 users. Available on request, you can also host up to 125 attendees in your conferences.

You can enable call recording during the conference and your full conference will be recorded and available to download as well. There are also logs of your conferences, a full trial of your conferences so that you can easily trace all your conferences and refer to them.

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