Making Education Accessible For Everyone

Bringing faculty, students and campus communities together through one secure platform.

making education accessible for everyone

Your Education Partner For Life!

Primary and Secondary Schools

primary and secondary schools

Secure Communication

Connect, learn, and collaborate securely with students, schools, districts, and the broader community with calling, meetings, and chatting, including supervised chat for students.

Engage More Students

Create interesting assignments to engage students and provide them with a customised learning experience with integrated apps and built-in learning tools.

Encourage All Types of Learning

Build close relationships with your students to support them emotionally and boost their growth. Get insights through built-in tools and connect with each student’s well-being for daily class activities.

Higher Education

Higher Education

Easy Collaboration

Connect in real-time with your student and carry out healthy discussions on assignments. VoIP Business also integrates with many learning management systems so that students can collaborate effectively.

Connect from Anywhere

With VoIP Business, students can join a class from anywhere using any device. Record classes so that students can learn even if they miss a class.

Support Students Growth

Track every student’s progress through built-in insights, identify students at risk, take proactive measures, and improve outcomes.

Your Classroom Experience Made More Interactive!

Task Management

Manage your tasks, share information in groups and keep everyone updated.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen or presentation in real time.


Easily read conversations and chats in a more personalised format.

Raise Your Hand

Make your voice heard without disrupting other students.

Together Mode

See the whole class in a new way for discussions and presentations.

Multiple Languages

Choose from different languages, use VoIP Business with your preferred language.

Your New Digital Learning Space

Virtual Classes

Connect with faculty or students conveniently through a VoIP Business to build a better learning experience, improve access and reduce cost. 

Spread Your Message To All Students

Connect students and teachers through our education portal. Share messages during classes and enhance your learning experience.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Give staff the tools to connect with students and other team members using team chat, video meetings, or phone calls from anywhere. VoIP Business has revolutionised the learning space.

Student Facilitation Centre

Facilitate your students and staff members, making learning easier. Make sure your message is understood across the board.

Easy Management

Stay In Touch With Your Community

Make communication with your team members and students easier. Always know who is an active participant in the class.

Lower Staff Burden

Maximise the synergy effect, and work more efficiently. VoIP Business gives works with all the important integrations.

Share Updates

Share your messages during and after the class, and always have an active chat room. Share updates instantaneously.

Connect Through Any Device

VoIP Business is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows. Use it in your workspace or on the go.

Voip Easy Management

VoIP Business is compatible with all the latest applications!

The most trusted and successful Brands use VoIP Business
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