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Does VoIPBusiness support 911 calls?

Yes! See our Emergency Call Regulations for more information regarding E911.

How many types of Call Forwarding are there?

There are seven types of call forwarding options available in VoIPbusiness:

  1. Voicemail
  2. Telephone Numbers
  3. Extensions
  4. IVR
  5. SIP Links
  6. Ring Groups
  7. Conference Room
How to enable call forwarding?

Step 1:

LogIn into your portal Section.

Step 2:

Click on the Admin Dashboard button on the top right side of the page.

Step 3:

Click on Users on top left side of the menu.

Step 4:

Locate the user for whom you are trying to set up this call forwarding. Then Click the View button on its far right side.

Step 5:

In the Dialog box that shows up select Extensions from the top tabs, then click on Call Forwarding Setting from the left menu. Here you can change the call forwarding setting for this user.

I am moving soon, can I take VoIP with me?

Yes, VoIP phones work with an IP address. IP addresses don’t have physical locations, so that means that you take your IP phone to any physical location that has high-speed Internet.

How do I use VoIP to receive a call?

Pick up the phone and answer the call. A greeting is usually appreciated. Kidding aside, VoIP should seamlessly replace your current phone service. If you are using a softphone, you will need to have your computer on and the softphone program open in order to receive the call. Then you should just have to click to answer.

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