BusinessCall Recording

Record all your inbound and outbound calls on our VoIP Business. Use any device and instantly allow calls to be recorded either on demand or automatic. With call recording monitor all calls are handled professionally to give great customer service and improve sales performance and productivity.

Why VoIP business call recording

  • Inbound and Outbound call recording.
  • Record on Demand.
  • Automatic Call Recording.
  • Playback and Storage on the cloud.
  • Accessible and downloadable from anywhere.
  • Use call analytics and call recording together to gather business insights.
  • Compliant with the business call recording regulations.
  • Secure, compliant and sizeable cloud storage for recorded calls.
  • Record Voice calls and Audio Conferences.
  • Call recording retention for up to 10 year.
  • Call Recording is available on multiple devices as calls are recorded safely and securely on the cloud.

Compliant Call Recording Services

Many industries require calls to be recorded to protect the business and the customer. All types of calls can be recorded from standard calls; inbound and outbound calls; mobile phone calls using the VoIP business app, call forwarded calls and audio conferences. Store call recording audio files safely and securely on the cloud for as long as you or your business needs for up to 10 years. VoIP Business is compliant with call recording regulations. Our business call recording feature is available in our Premium Package, which is all-inclusive. Absolutely no add-ons!

Core Component Features

  • Secure, compliant and sizable cloud storage for recorded calls.
  • Record Voice calls and Audio Conferences.
  • Store over 10,000 voice recording online.
  • Record on any device.