What are 0843 Numbers and What Do 0843 Numbers Cost?

What are 0843 Numbers

Many organisations use 0843 numbers for several purposes, such as:

  • Dial-in service for conference calls
  • Pre-sale customer service and information lines
  • Support and helplines 
  • Travel booking service lines
  • Ticketing services and inquiry 
  • Product information service

What are 0843 Numbers?

0843 numbers are a special type of service code that is not based at any particular geographical location in the UK. This means that calls coming from 0843 numbers could possibly be made from any part of the UK. The businesses that buy and use the 0843 numbers in Britain are known as service numbers. Calling at 0843 numbers has a charge slightly higher than that of an ordinary landline number.

How much does it cost to call 0843 numbers?

If you make a call to 0843 numbers, you will be charged at a dual rate. This means that you will first pay an access fee for the phone call and then be charged for an added service charge. The access fee you pay goes to the telephone company, and the organisation you are calling gets the service charge. The first payment that is of standard access cost is actually the number of your network charges. This will be different depending upon which network you use to make the call. This can vary between 10 pence to 55 pence. 

0843 numbers


Different rates for calling at 0843 numbers also depend upon various locations in the UK. But usually, the service charge will cost you as much as 7 pence for a minute of a phone call. 

Is 0843 an area code?

Well, no. 0843 numbers are not an area code. These numbers are not based on any particular geographical location. So, if you are a customer and wishing to call the 0843 numbers, you should know that this call will not be free. And the cost will depend upon your phone network operator. Other than this, the tariff and other variables such as the time at which you call have an impact as well. 

Features of 0843 Numbers:

0843 numbers are still in use by businesses for several purposes, which we have discussed earlier. However, there are many significant features of 0843 numbers. This is the reason companies still use them:

Features of 0843 Numbers


  • Quick, free and easy to set-up

There is a selection of packages to choose from. You can go on with any budget that suits you well and fulfils your requirements. Most numbers can be installed very quickly within 24 hours. You will not even need to visit the company because you can easily make your order online. 0843 numbers will be installed for your firm free of cost.

  • Portable

Since 0843 numbers are non-geographical, you will not have to change your number if you plan to relocate or expand your business. This will bring consistency to your contact information and develop trust for you in your customers. 

  • National presence

Having the 0843 numbers gives the impression that you are a large company. So even when you are in emerging stages or run a small-scale company, you will be able to acquire a suitable customer base.

  • Unique numbers Available

When acquiring the 0843 numbers, you have a good chance of getting a distinctive number. You can use easy to memorise numbers in order to facilitate your audience.

  • Unique features and Services

Features and services which usually come with very expensive phone systems are also available for 0843 numbers. You can easily activate additional features such as voicemail to email, call whispers, IVR menus and fax to email services.

  • Call routing options

The fact that 0843 numbers are not based in any particular geographical region makes call routing for them very easy as well. There are many routing options available, including ring groups, ‘out of hours’ routing and hunt groups available.

  • Call statistics provided

Provision of call statistics come in very handy to aid with advertising campaigns and help in marketing. 

  • Revenue on calls received

Whenever a customer calls, you will be able to generate some revenue at each call if you have 0843 numbers. In this way, your 0843 numbers can make you some extra earnings as well. 

  • Disaster Recovery

In case of a disaster or damage to local phone lines, you will still be able to use your 0843 number. If needed, you can redirect the calls to someplace else. The non-geographical nature of these 0843 numbers is of particular significance in case of an emergency or damage. 

Using 0843 numbers will give a professional look to your business. You will also be able to have one specific number for your multiple branches across the UK. It will not only make you appear consistent but also accessible. 0843 numbers are not entirely free, but they have very minimal charges.

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