Ring Groups

Create as many ring groups as you want. Your departments, teams and project team members can be part of a ring group. Customize as necessary on our cloud PBX.

Distribute all your inbound calls to different departments and staff

Distribute all your inbound calls to different departments and staff

A ring group allows you to have several phones ring when one extension is dialed. This Voip business feature is important for every business as it lets you share the distribution of incoming calls between employees.

Usually, ring groups are used to distribute incoming calls efficiently to particular departments such as the sales department, accounts, and customer support. This voip feature lets your staff become more productive and it also helps your company reduce customers hold time.

In case all of the employees in the ring group are not available then you also have different options such as call forwarding, call routing to the voicemail box of the ring group.

Ring Group Scenario in PBX

Let’s suppose a small company which has just four employees sets up a ring group which has all four employees in it. Whenever there is an incoming call all four extensions of each employee rings together. Thus whoever receives the call first takes the call. You can also set up a ring group in which the phone rings a particular order so the work is equally distributed among the employees.

On the other hand, if there is a large company with different departments. The company can set up a ring group for every team. The company has the choice to set up ring group in a certain order so that each representative gets a turn in answering calls. The company can also set the ring group in order so that all phones ring at once when there is an incoming call.

Ring Group Scenario in PBX

Benefits of the Ring Groups feature?

Every ring group can have multiple kinds of number assigned to it. You can assign a virtual number, a Toll-free number, your company’s number or any other number. The ring group calls can also be answered by an auto attendant or by another employee through extensions.

This feature can help you enhance your business by improving the efficiency of employees so that they can deliver better customer service.

You also get a chance to select a ring pattern according to your requirement. Whenever there is an incoming call in the ring group, you can select how the calls will be distributed among employees.

This feature allows you to distribute and share all incoming calls efficiently between the employees in specific departments. Hence, whenever there is incoming call the group can ring in a sequence or simultaneously in whatever order that you prefer.

A ring group also has a group of extensions so that all extensions can ring at the same time when anyone extension is dialed. Ring group allows nearest users within the company to answer the calls.

Ring groups are valuable as they minimize the waiting time for the callers.

You can provide a name to this group, a number, a ring strategy and can create a custom announcement for the ring group.


Ring Groups FAQs

Ring Groups are very different from Hunt Groups. Both types of groups can be differentiated on the basis of their ring distribution. In ring groups there are two options first the phone ring concurrently and second phone ring in different order. While in hunt groups the phones ring only sequentially.

In call queue is a group in which members pick up calls in queues. The call falls into a queue to be answered by the member who is available. In ring groups numbers are forwarded within an extension which then rings whenever a hosted extension rings.

Yes, you can create several ring groups according to your business requirement. There is no limit to the number of ring groups which are allowed on VoIPBusiness system.

In the case when there is an incoming call but no one in the ring group is available then you can direct the call to another extension or you can send it to voicemail inbox so that the call can be returned. You can change the settings of your ring group by login in your VoIPBusiness account.

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