Office Phone Systems with VoIP Business

VoIP Business is a VoIP phone system provider that is focused on delivering the best VoIP office phone experience. And, as such, we have a lot of office phones and accessories that integrate perfectly with your VoIP plans. We have a fully featured VoIP phone system for your business and all your staff.

Office Phone Systems with VoIP Business
VoIP for all types of offices

VoIP for all types of offices

Hot desking is one of the features that we really excel in, and that is being used by flexible office space providers in the UK and some overseas as well. We help businesses with their telephony needs and are very keen to deploy VoIP phones for dedicated desks, meeting rooms, communal office phone booths, co-working spaces. So, for your leased office space, we can definitely help you with a modern phone system that enables your staff’s communication needs.

We specialise in VoIP deployment for small offices ranking from a hotdesking, 1 person offices to circa offices with over 50 people. We best serve SMEs and as such we are able to keep to efficient and effective service levels. We are also a managed service provider, therefore, we deliver a hand-holding experience and also troubleshoot when necessary.

Offices in multiple locations – We’ve got you covered

Whenever you’re sorting your telephone system for your offices, just give us a bell, and we’ll get you the best VoIP plans for your employees, irrespective of whether they are in a single office or multiple offices. We also will help configure your IVR system to forward calls to your other offices in you have multiple offices across the country or even abroad. Your staff can also use the softphone on their company laptops or phones to utilise this phone system.

Offices in multiple locations – We’ve got you covered

You just purchase the plans, we deploy and manage the systems for you, simple.

VoIP Business phone system core features

Call Forwarding and queues

Call Recording


Call Analytics and Recording

Phone numbers (Geographic, Non-geographic and Global)

Multiple affordable plans with monthly contracts

Auto Attendant IVR system

Sip Trunking

Number porting and DDI blocks


Jewellery - Retail

We own a boutique jewelry shop in the West End, so there is heavy footfall, whether it's just people browsing in the shop or people calling us. We also have our workshops there, so VoIP Business made perfect sense to connect our phone systems. Reception, back-office and also when another co-owner of the business and I are on the move, we can still monitor calls, track progress and improve our customer service. We really appreciate that we can be anywhere and still be able to pick up important calls from customers who have important & time-sensitive orders.

Bernards Of London

Electronics - Wholesaler

We are one of the largest suppliers of mobile phone accessories in the UK and we ship all around Europe as well. As we have a big customer service team in London & overseas, in addition of about 200 staff we employ, VoIP Business was perfect for us. We use their call centre feature to queue calls to our call centre overseas and also to our locally-based team. As we also wholesale to lots of retailers all across the UK, it is very fast-paced, so we can't afford any downtime in our phone systems. VoIP Business has been providing us with a reliable, zero-fault telephone system from day one.


Fintech - B2C

We have just started rolling out VoIP Business for our teams. In total, our staff count is about 40 and we also have some contractors working remotely. So far, the entire on-boarding experience has been very pleasant as the phone system is modern, cloud-based and is quite easy to understand. They also provided us with tech support as they are a Managed Serviced Provider (MSP) as well. As an award-winning and highly commended player in the Fintech market, we're committed to providing the best investor relations experience, and VoIP Business allows us to hit those benchmarks.

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