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Go Anywhere! Your Number will Follow You

VoIP Business phone numbers are not tied to a specific fixed landline. When you’ve got a phone number that’s not associated with a telephone line, it opens up a whole world of possibilities. Looking to create a global presence? No problem!

Go Anywhere! Your Number will Follow You
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Location offers a wide range of phone numbers that helps you enhance your business communications.

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Port your UK landline numbers to sipgate with no downtime – the actual switch just takes a few seconds

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Contact our porting team to start the number porting process.

Voipbusiness Takes Over

We'll send your porting request to your current service provider.

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Your service provider lets us know the earliest porting date.

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We'll port your phone numbers over to your VoIP Business account.

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Business Use

Use your VoIP number to expand your business into other geographical areas and give your business a presence right across the world.

VoIP Enterprise

VoIP Business makes communication reliable and cuts down costs. By utilising our service, you can talk to your team members on the go. Help your enterprise grow today!

Setup Virtual Phone Numbers

setup virtual phone numbers easily in VoIP business

Instant provision

Have a phone number assigned to you as soon as you make your account. No unnecessary delays, signup today and enjoy our trouble-free phone system.

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Number selection & reach

Use your phone number around the world. You can either choose one or multiple numbers. Going global is as easy as it can be.

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Cost effective

VoIP Business can bring your overall communication costs down. Maximise your business profits and have our uninterrupted support along the way.

VoIP Business Offers

International Numbers too!

London Phone Numbers

Get 0207, 0208 and 0203 phone numbers for your business.

London Telephone Numbers

Get all the features of a UK local phone number, choose different cities.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers allow you to have a virtual presence anywhere in the country.

03 Telephone Numbers

3 phone numbers are non-geographic and tend to be UK-wide national numbers.

0800 Numbers

The Freephone 0800 numbers give your business customer-friendly free-to-call image.

International Numbers

Now you can go global with phone numbers in differnt locations

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