VoIP Phone Sytem For Non-Profit

Connect to the donors and volunteers through team messaging, video meetings and business calls with our single communication platform.

Involve Everyone To Achieve Your Mission

Remove Bottlenecks In Fundraising.

Remove bottlenecks in fundraising.

Make Fundraising A Team Sport

With the help of our advanced communication tools all in one place, it is much easier to reach the donors.

Communicate With Donors And Supporters

Build a community of donors to collect funds through group messaging.

Charity Events Management

Set up Online fundraising events through video calling and screen sharing.

Make conversations valuable

With our inbound contact centre, help donors reach the right person every time.

Join Hands with your team.

Achieve more as a team

Focus on meaningful projects and share efficient and productive ideas through the VoIP Business communication app.

Combine efforts on funding proposals

Build individual teams for each project and get more efficient results with a built-in task manager.

Gather your resources

Integrated team messaging to share and review information with staff, donors, or volunteers.

Connect at your pace

Connect with the donors or volunteers through video meetings or calls on any device.

join hands with your team
Management at your finger tips

Management at your finger tips.

Communicate from anywhere

Bring your staff, donors, and volunteers together at one collaborative workspace.

Get Everyone Up to Speed

Use the email address of donors or volunteers to add them as guest users.

Reduce management expenses

A secure business phone number for everyone to connect through any device.

All-in-one communication solution

Nonprofit organisations need to complete multiple tasks with low capital investment. VoIP Business is here to help you with business phones, video meetings and team messaging.

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