Free Internet Telephony Service for Business and Home

Internet telephony service is a type of communication technology that allows different telephony services such as voice calls, video calls, fax, and other voice messaging applications to use the internet as a source of transmission. Through internet telephony service, data is sent digitally over the internet using internet protocol instead of being transmitted over conventional analogue landlines. The software used in this technology is user-friendly and cost-effective. It allows users to make calls, send messages or fax no matter wherever they are in the world as long as they have an internet connection. The quality of internet telephony service depends on the speed and quality of your internet connection. 

Is There Any Difference Between Internet Telephony Service And VoIP?

Usually, internet telephony service and Voice over Internet Protocol are used synonymously. But the truth is VoIP is a subset of Internet telephony that refers to only Voice traffic. At the same time, internet telephony service is a broad term used for IP-packet switching technology being used by internet phone systems to transfer information. VoIP is just a method for carrying voice-over IP networks. Internet telephony service is developed to enhance productivity by using the internet and different applications attached to it. While VoIP is a digital medium that adds more features to voice communication. 

How Does the Internet Phone System Work?

How Does the Internet Phone System Work


If you want to use an internet phone system, it is necessary to have a VoIP solution. Internet telephony service works over internet protocol that is a unique innovation in the telecommunication system. When you make a voice call through an internet phone, your voice is converted into digital signals. The data is split into small packets, and individual labels are given to each packet. Your call may consist of multiple data packets. These data packets travel over the internet to reach the recipient. When the data reaches the receiver, it is again converted into audio, and the recipient can hear what you said. One interesting thing about these data packets is that they do not remain in the same order during transmission, but when they reach the receiver, they reassemble in their original order, and the receiver can hear your message. 

Free Internet Telephony Service

The world now understands the possibilities and advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems. It is a technology that allows you to carry out voice and video calls over the internet used by many small and medium-sized businesses and households. It is because people are finding internet phone systems more cost-effective and as compared to traditional landline phone systems. Most companies are using cloud storage and cloud-based applications for their complex business processes. If you also use such applications, you can make it better by using IP telephony for business. If you are thinking of moving from a traditional communication system to VoIP, read on to find out how you can set up a VoIP system in your office or home.

Components Required For Internet Phone Installation

The installation process of Internet Phone or VoIP is different for different environments. We are discussing VoIP set up for businesses first because VoIP is more beneficial for businesses. Before installation, you must know which components are required for VoIP set-up. Here are some general components that you will need for Internet telephony service installation in your home or office. 

  • Internet Connection

A high-quality internet connection is an obvious thing because it is not possible to make calls over the internet without an internet connection. If you are installing VoIP at your home, then internet speed is not a thing to worry about, but your internet speed must be ultra-fast when installing an Internet telephony service for your business. The speed of the internet you need depends on the number of calls your business deals with each day. 

  • Router

To set up VoIP telephony, you need a router in your home and the office. When setting up VoIP telephony for your business, you must have a router that offers a combination of connectivity, speed, and security.  

  • Hardware

Other than the router, there are some more pieces of hardware that you need. You may need a computer that will act as a PBX server in your office and allow internal calls within your office. You can also purchase IP phones; however, they are not essential. You can convert your home phone into a VoIP phone by using a VoIP adapter. 

  • PBX, VoIP, or other Software

There are several software available for setting up a VoIP system. Businesses may need software that offers one communication solution. You can also use separate PBX software to control basic call handling functions. Some specific apps and software may also be needed to convert smartphones or computers into softphones. 

  • Service Provider

You can not start using VoIP on your own. You have to sign up to get a service from a VoIP service provider. You can make internal calls without getting a service from a specialist service provider. To make external calls, you need to purchase a plan from a VoIP provider. 

How Can You Set Up Internet Phone For Your Office?

One advantage of the VoIP system is that it is easy to set up and get running significantly when you are setting up a system based on a traditional phone system. It is also cheaper than the conventional public switched telephone network. Because you do not need a phone company to install new phone lines. Instead, you just need to make some simple additions to your existing network. You have two options when installing a VoIP system for your business. You can install a system with physical VoIP handsets or use a software-only system that works on Android or IOS devices. The choice of the system varies with the size and requirements of your business.



For setting up, you need to install hardware as well as the software for your Internet phone system. First, you have to connect the PBX system to your VoIP phones. Once it is done, you need to install software for the VoIP phone system, and you are all set to start an internet phone. 

How To Set Up Internet Phone For Your Home?

If you want to set up an Internet Phone for your home, you do not need a PBX to make internal calls. The purpose of Internet phone at home is to make calls over the internet rather than using a traditional landline. Setting up VoIP and internet phone numbers at home is easier than setting up in the office.

How To Set Up Internet Phone For Your Home


You need a VoIP phone adaptor and some tweaks of hardware in your home. Connect the adapter into the router or modem. The next thing you need to do is to connect a phone you want to use for Internet calls to the adaptor. Plugin the adapter and give it time to sync with your router and modem. Now all set up and you can use the internet to make phone calls—many providers in the UK offering free internet phone service for the home. You can take their services to find out whether you will subscribe to their plan or not.

Benefits Of modern Internet Telephony Service For Your Business:

Effective communication is an essential part of a workplace for smooth collaboration and helps businesses to build strong relationships with their customers. However, your business may face problems when you have to deal with multiple conversations over different channels. This is where you need internet telephony service. Internet telephony, especially VoIP, offers many advantages, such as it makes your business communication system more smarter, flexible, and cost-effective. It allows users to communicate with clients or team members no matter if they are working remotely or in the office. 

Here are some major benefits that an Internet telephony service offers to your business.

  • Cost-Effective Hardware And Software

One of the main advantages of VoIP telephony is that it reduces the cost associated with hardware and software that is needed to operate the system. Mostly VoIP is installed over the existing network in your premises, and the service provider makes sure to provide the clients with the most up-to-date software. In this way, you can eliminate the cost of purchasing your own phone and infrastructure, and you can save more money.    

  • Scalability And Flexibility

When you get internet telephony services, the best thing about them is that they are hosted in the cloud. Thus, you do not need to purchase, install and maintain expensive on-premise platforms. Implementing such a service is quick, and you can scale up or down the features according to the requirements of your business. 

  • Worldwide Access

Many employers are now looking for a better way to allow their staff to work from home to decrease utility cost. For such employers, Internet telephony is the best option. It enables team members to communicate through voice calls, messages, fax, or video conferencing over the internet. In this way, they can collaborate efficiently no matter in which part of the world they are. Internet telephony is highly portable and allows users to connect from home offices and abroad. 

  • Excellent Voice Quality

Now, internet phone service in the UK has surpassed the traditional landline in terms of quality. This technology was evolved in 1990, and with the passage of time, it became better in quality. The latest IP phones are designed to receive superior voice quality and use advanced audio compression techniques to cut out background noises. As long as a user has high-quality internet with good bandwidth, he can use 

  • Simplified Conferencing

Internet telephony allows you to make conference calls without the need for dedicated phone lines. Although you can make conference calls through a traditional phone system, you have to pay an extra cost for having this service. While with an Internet phone system, conference calling is a built-in feature, and the price is also added to your basic pricing plan. In this way, you can make conference calls by clicking a button and will not end up paying any additional cost. 

  • Versatile Features

VoIP/Internet phone is more than just making and receiving calls. Advanced Internet phone systems incorporate several features that you can use to increase the productivity of your business. By using VoIP phone systems, you can perform multi-tasks with most tech-savvy devices. You can connect to a vast number of devices to keep your business productivity high. Typically, a VoIP system includes features such as call redirecting, call queuing, virtual numbers, voice mails, and auto attendant. You can add or remove any features whenever you need them.   

  • Security

VoIP or Internet phone systems are more secure compared to the conventional landline system. This modern telephony system has encryption protocols that make your data and calls secure. It is something that makes VoIP calls different from regular phone calls. 

How Can You Transfer From Conventional Phone System To Internet telephone?

Many Internet phone service providers in the UK offer you internet telephony for your home and offices. The price and features of VoIP vary from provider to provider; thus, it is better to shop around and make price comparisons. You can select a provider that meets all your business requirements. If you are still using a traditional phone system, you can transfer to your internet phone easily. There is no tricky setup required. You just need to subscribe to a plan from an internet phone service provider, a reliable internet connection, and some hardware to shift to the VoIP phone. Some providers offer free internet phone service for business in the first month. You can use their services as a trial, and if you find it beneficial, you can purchase a monthly or annual plan to use their services. 

Get VoIP For Your Home For A Seamless Experience

Get VoIP for your home and experience seamless communication like never before. Voice over Internet Protocol technology transforms your traditional phone system into a modern, efficient communication solution. With VoIP, you can enjoy crystal-clear voice calls, video conferencing, and instant messaging using your internet connection, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone services. VoIP systems often have advanced features such as call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, and customizable greetings. Additionally, the flexibility of VoIP allows you to make and receive calls from various devices, promoting communication convenience and accessibility. Upgrade your home communication with VoIP and embrace the benefits of enhanced connectivity, affordability, and feature-rich telephony.

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VoIP telephony is a highly scalable communication system that improves the way businesses interact with their clients and customers. Its advanced features allow you to save time and efficiently manage calls. Therefore if you want to improve productivity and enhance workplace collaboration, you should consider shifting to VoIP. However, keep in mind to take services from a well reputed and trusted provider so that you can enjoy the benefits of internet telephony at competitive market prices. 

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