Video Calling Made Simple

Be virtually present anywhere, anytime. VoIP Business gives you HD-quality video and voice calls. Connect with your team through our video conferencing room, and enjoy our uninterrupted service.

voip video calling made simple
More is possible with VoIP Business video meetings

More Is Possible With VoIP Business

Stay connected and access shared content anytime to learn, plan, and innovate together.

Video Conferencing Is More Than Ever

Improve Efficiency And Productivity

Businesses can maintain an edge over their competitors by implementing online video conferences. Video calls simplify the process of sharing information resulting in timely and effective decisions.

Spread Message Accross The Board

Spread your message across the board in a click. Share important files and have your team on one task in a matter of seconds.

Invite Through Email, Chat or SMS

Send meeting invites to your team members and colleagues. Have them join the meeting in a click!

Connect Your Apps

Conduct meetings from the tools you use daily such as Hubspot, Office 365 and Salesforce.

VoIP Video Conferencing
Is More Popular Than Ever

Remote Work Made Easier​

Collaborate, meet your team, or share content.

HD Audio and Video Experience

Never miss an important conversation through our signature HD audio and video experience.

Invite Up To 200 People

Spread your message across the board in a click. Share important files and have your team on one task in a matter of seconds.

Reliable Security

You can place restrictions on who can enter the video conferencing room. Protect your meetings through a unique password.

Share Your Screen

Makes it easier for others to follow your work and understand the details.

Join Meeting From Anywhere

Don’t miss out on the meetings, use phone or desktop app to work together.

Keep Up With GDPR

Maintain compliance with GDPR and get reliable protection for all meetings.

Take Control

Be in control as a host. Mute or unmute members.

Switch Devices

Switch devices during live meetings based on your convenience.

Search The Archives

Decrease the background noise to better focus on tasks at hand.

Record Meetings

Hit record and save highlights of your meeting in the cloud for a year.

Secure Meetings

Make your meetings password-protected, and control who can access them.

Search The Archives

Keep track of the minutes of the meeting. Have multiple action items and files. Search using filters and keywords such as email, name or team.

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