Call Monitoring

Listen to live calls, monitor your staff, tap into business insights and improve their messages and productivity.

Monitor and listen to phone calls in real time

Call monitoring is a powerful feature in our modern phone system and is for every business. The feature allows the company supervisors and managers to train their staff in real time. Call monitoring allows you to listen in and monitor calls of all employees in real time. This feature furthers provides the opportunity to “whisper” to the working employee who is being monitored and also gives a chance to “barge” into the call to provide assistance with discussions.

With call monitoring, the training, supporting and managing becomes more proficient and productive. You can supervise the staff’s calls, subtly speak to the worker and assist with their calls.

Call monitoring provides you the functionality to give your staff added on-call support and have the ability to encourage the team to get greater results. You have the freedom to add and modify the feature according to your role requirements. This tool is unique because it gives you the ability to know firsthand how your employees/teams/users are engaging with the customers. Hence, this feature is valuable for the growth of your company. Call monitoring therefore allows better customer support to be imparted by employees of the business.

Call Monitoring Scenario in PBX

There are three departments in a particular business, Sales, Accounts and IT Support. The phone rings to Sales, but no one is available, so the call gets transferred to another ring group, Accounts. But that team has 2 people and they are on break. Then it gets forwarded to some people in Support who can pick it up. As they are engineers, they don’t have any idea how to answer a business call, therefore, one of the directors of the business has got those users on Call Monitoring, so that he learns how they answer the phone.

That manager/supervisor in this case happens to be a director and via Call Monitoring, will be able to access the call logs, the call recordings and access the insights as to how questions are answered. Later on, if there are any positives, the director can use the Call Monitoring recordings to teach other departments on how to better answer the phones.

Benefits of the Call Monitoring feature?

  • You have the ability to provide real time training to your sales and support staff throughout live calls.
  • The feature gives managers the opportunity to listen in on calls from their desk phone or VoipBusiness for desktop. You can hear how your sales and support team relate to the customers, lead them firsthand. It is a great tool to evaluate and train.
  • You can use the Call Monitoring feature on our cloud PBX with just a simple key command. With this feature you can directly call whisper to the representatives of the active call. You don’t have to worry about the customer hearing anything. Only the employee will be able to hear the directions or instructions, tips or any other information given by the supervisor/manage
  • This tool helps steer the conversations in the right direction. It can help in clarifying details, giving diplomacy in difficult situations and in sharing insights.
  • Work anywhere, plan your day and stay connected with everyone as you can pick up the phone on the go.
  • There is are lots of tactical advantages with call monitoring. Sometimes the representatives need managerial leadership in next phase of sales deal or customer support process. The managers are given the ability to easily join in onto the call and help the employees.

Frequently asked questions

No, anyone has the ability to monitor calls within a call monitoring group which is pre-configured by the system administrator. The admin can select who has permission to monitor calls and can designate whose call need to be monitored.

VoIPBusiness supports equal to 100 call monitoring groups per account.

No. only one user can monitor a call at a time. If another user/manager tries to monitor the call they will get connected to the extension.

Yes, the system administrator can turn on the automatic call recording option for someone who is monitoring calls. There is also on-demand call monitoring available.

Yes, a user can monitor the calls of designated groups and in turn his calls can also be monitored by another user, e.g. his manager.

It depends how you look at it, any business will need to have reliable phone systems to be able to assist customers on the phone, either for selling or support, or either for staff to liaise with other stakeholders. Call monitoring makes it possible for business users to look at call data, call logs and actual call recording in order to evaluate the performance – in this sense they can reflect on these insights and improve the customer service.

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