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VoIPBusiness offers Voicemail to Email feature which is highly efficient and allows you to listen to all your voicemail messages from your computer and phone.

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No Access To Voicemails, NO Problem!

It is not possible to always access voicemails in your office or to be notified of the voicemails that are waiting. However, with voicemail to email feature, you will be notified through email with an attached clickable recording which you can play anywhere.

This feature makes sure that you never miss your voicemails. You receive all the voicemails that are left on your desk phone directly to your email address in the .wav format which you can play on your phone or any other device. Along with an attached audio file, you will also get a text of the voicemail.

This allows you to always stay in contact with your customers. With VoIPBusiness every employee gets their own extension which has its own voicemail. You can set up your voicemail according to personal requirements.

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Voicemail To Email Scenario in PBX

Hypothetically you receive a message in your voicemail on your extension. You will get an email in your email inbox which has been pre-selected by you. The email will have an attached recording of your voicemail which you can then play easily on your computer or phone. You can also save the recording for later.

Benefits of Voicemail to Email feature?

This feature delivers an automatic email to your inbox of any new voicemail that is delivered to you.

You can save the recordings of voicemails to your computer or phone.

With voicemail to email, you can easily review or control the playback of the voice messages.

You can specify where you will receive your emails through your VoIPBusiness portal.

This also helps to reduce the response time for you and your staff.

You can set preferences according to your requirements so you can listen to the voicemail recordings and the text of the voicemail through your email.

You can stay on top of your communications with this feature and get instant notifications of your faxes, calls, and voicemails.

Along with receiving an email of a new voicemail you also have an option of receiving an attachment of the voicemail as a .wav audio file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any caller can leave a message of up to 5 minutes in your voicemail. The email of a voicemail delivered to you will also have the number of the caller so you can return the call quickly and conveniently.

Your email will contain an audio file of .wav format. You will be able to play the file in windows and also on Mac system. Your voicemail is sent as a “.wav” file.

It’s included in the premium plan, and there is an option there to push your voicemails to your email address.

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