Simple and Powerful VoIP Telephony for Serviced Offices

Whether you own only 1 floor or a whole building, fitting out your office space has always been a challenge. Another challenge is also to put connectivity into those serviced and managed offices. That’s where VoIP Business comes in.

Improved VoIP Telephony and Telecoms

With regards to the telecom lines, the internet, electricity – all can be definitely organised. There is another aspect which is the telephone one. Should you wish to provide your current tenants and new tenants with a fully customisable and powerful VoIP phone system, then deploying that should be a breeze on your side.

Most of the time it isn’t as many VoIP providers are only just providers. We are different, we are VoIP managed service providers, it means that you get a hands-off approach when dealing with deploying VoIP to your tenants.

Our process is simple

  • We give you your own VoIP admin for tenants (onboard new tenants and also request porting numbers, new numbers, office phones and any other plans from us).
  • We give you reduced plans (so that you make the maximum margins, as an office provider the system will be white-labelled to you).
  • We supply office phones and all VoIP related accessories (simply choose what the tenants require, and we’ll roll everything in one single invoice).


London Office Search is really proud to work with VB, and we have referred some of our office provider contacts to them. They are impressive indeed, speed of service, VoIP reliability, the range of office VoIP phones. VoIP Business is also commended for troubleshooting assistance when it comes to configuring the phone systems.

What do we offer

  • Number porting for a small charge
  • New number acquisition and booking of blocks of DDIs
  • Office Phones and VoIP accessories
  • A white labelled VoIP system for office providers
  • Affordable plans for SMEs
  • Short term contracts (monthly rolling or yearly).
  • Assistance for VoIP deployments (as an MSP – Managed Service Provider, we’ll assist your tenants on your behalf).
  • A fully featured VoIP phone system (with IVR, softphone, call recording, call forwarding and also conferencing).
  • Sip trunking and phone set up.

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