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Auto Attendant

Your own virtual receptionist at your service – greet your customers using a personalised tone and also with custom music in the background, and route them to any employees, teams or departments either locally or anywhere across the globe. And, that too, without any human operator!

Auto Attendant can fully be customised

Forget about live operator fees. With your auto attendant, you’ll never miss any calls. Even if nobody is available, you can still route to another extension (such as an external mobile number) or even a voicemail inbox.

The Auto Attendant can fully be customised according to times of the day or night, to cater to the needs of your team and customers. Your VoIP system transforms into an automated phone system that handles calls to your main company numbers.

Multi-Level IVR Scenario:

  • A caller contacts your business.
  • The caller hears a welcome greeting along with a customised track/music (e.g. “Thank you for calling Star Strek”).
  • The inbound caller is asked to choose from a series of prompts (e.g. “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support…”).
  • The customer chooses a number (e.g. 2 for support).
  • The caller is directed to another series of prompts (e.g. If you would like to return product, press 1; for invoices. press 2…”).
  • The inbound caller is at the final stage of the IVR and is then directed to the appropriate agent, team, department, call queue or voicemail if there is no one available.

Get your own Virtual Receptionist now

Get your own Virtual Receptionist now, add Auto Attendant to your package!
Route calls in the way you wish, to the right teams at the right times. You can filter and manage call flows, so that the customers have a better experience.

Available in Premium Plan

With VoIP Business Auto Attendant features, you can:

  • Customise greetings
  • Route incoming calls
  • Forward calls to any extension or to voicemail
  • Set advanced rules for specific incoming calls
  • Create custom greetings and also play custom music at different times of the day/night
  • Activate multi-level IVR to better filter calls and allow customers to find the right team for their queries
  • Take human error out of the system as the virtual receptionist will do the advanced call routing
  • Deliver the right information to different callers based on inbound rules
  • Create multiple IVR menus for multiple locations to handle incoming calls
  • Customers can help themselves and also enrich their own customer experience

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