Revolutionising The Way Public Communicate

Be successful in your mission with citizen-oriented services delivered in a great way with our superior communications technology. Weed out the red-tape in government sector with effortless communication.

revolutionizing the way Public Communicate

A One-Size-Fits-All Communication Tool For Public Sector

one size fits all communication tools for public sectors

Tailor Made Solution For You

A secure government phone system to connect with staff and citizens. Reduce cost with budget-friendly communication solutions.

Get Tasks Done On The Go

Connect with your team members and all the staff through built-in team messaging anywhere at any time.

HD Quality Video Calling Feature

With a single tap, join online meetings with high-quality HD video calling.

Help The Public By Creating A Portal

Communicate to citizens across multiple channels like chat, social media, or email.

Be Open To Anything

Provide an opportunity for citizens to connect with you through any channel – message, video or phone call all in one place.

Work From Anywhere​

Join Team From Anywhere

Gather your staff anywhere at any time you want through video, message, or conference calls with one communication app.

Instant Meetings

Quickly arrange a meeting with a messaging thread or any calendar app on any device.

Easy Task Management

Set up a team for every project and easily manage tasks through team messaging and built-in task manager.

Connect Your Way

An easy to use Communication cloud to make and take calls on any device. 

Make It Customised For Employees

Keep the teamwork going even after the end of the meetings. Manage your next steps and decisions in one place.

cut the costs to a minimum level

Cut the costs to a minimum.

Lower Your Budget Pressure

Utilize your funds for the most meaningful projects and use digital solutions that suit your budget.

Increase Efficiency

Manage all your communication through one platform to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Lessen Admin Load

Use an auto-receptionist to welcome clients or route calls and reduce the administrative burden and cost.  

Reduce Capital Expenses

Say goodbye to legacy on-premises hardware to lower the operating expenses and shift to the modern cloud applications.

Community Engagement

Stay Connected On Every Channel

Make it convenient for citizens to connect and resolve their issues through a single administration portal. 

Keep Calls Consistent

Use Call scripting to guide callers and keep an eye on agent performance by real-time analytics.

Be Ready To Assist

Stay in touch with citizens and manage their issues through a single communication platform.

Make An Inbound Contact Centre

Intelligent routing system to blend inbound and outbound calls and connect callers to the right person.

maintain strict data protection

Maintain Strict Data Protection

By leveraging government-compliant software and infrastructure, VoIP Business claims to keep all personal information of residents and employees secure.

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