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You may notice that the numbers of large businesses usually start from 0370 numbers. However, it is not a code for a particular region and it is not possible to identify where a landline having a 0370 number is based. The use of numbers starting with these four digits is becoming more and more common throughout the country.

You may also want to purchase a 0370 number for your business. But before buying many questions arise in your mind such as the cost and advantages of using these numbers. Here you can find all the information about numbers starting with 0370 and it can help you in deciding to purchase such numbers. 

What Are 0370 Numbers?

Unlike 01 or 02 numbers, 0370 numbers are non-geographical numbers that are relatively new and introduced in 2007. Such numbers are being used by charity organisations, government bodies, and many large businesses. These numbers are not used by small businesses and individuals. 

These numbers allow companies to have a landline number without being linked to a specific area in the UK. All the numbers starting with 03 behave in the same way no matter what number they follow after 03. They offer similar charges and services across the country.

0370 numbers are perfect alternatives to 087 numbers that are costly for the companies and customers. 

Are 0370 Numbers Free?

0370 numbers are different from free numbers such as 0800 and 0808 numbers. However, they are treated as landline numbers and it costs the same as calling any UK landline number. It means that if you make a call from your home or office landline the charges will be similar to calling any local number. 0370 numbers cost include a connection fee and duration fee.

The price may vary from provider to provider. Many companies offer free minutes with their packages and you can use these minutes for calling 0370 numbers. Thus when you call by using free minutes you are not charged any extra cost. The same is in the case with calling from a mobile phone, if you have free minutes included in your package you can make free calls

Can You Call 0370 Numbers From Outside The UK?

Usually, it depends on your service provider. If your provider allows it, you can make calls to a 0370 number from abroad. To make a call from outside the UK, you have to dial an international code for the UK that is +44. Then you can dial the first zero of the number, the cost of the call depends on your network provider.

However, all the 03 numbers are very cost-effective even if you are making a call from outside the UK. So if you want to call any company or business helpline prefer to call on their number starting from 03, it can save you money

From Where You Can Get 0370 Numbers?

There are many communication network providers in the UK offering 0345 numbers for your business. You must shop around to find a provider offering competitive rates and the best services. Leading providers in the UK offer different pricing plans and you can choose one that meets your budget requirements.

Most providers do not charge any fees for set up and also offer free transfer from 087 to 0370 numbers. You just need to pay for the package or bundle you want to subscribe to. Some providers also offer free trials for a month or 15 days so that you can experience their services before purchasing numbers from them.

You can purchase 0370 numbers from a provider that you find the best and can use these numbers to promote your business throughout the country.

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Benefits Of 0370 Numbers For Your Business 

One major advantage of 0370 numbers is that they are not associated with a specific region and businesses can use them to create an impression that they operate nationwide. Other benefits that your business can have by using these numbers are as follows

Offer Convenience

If you have a business that you need to move from one location to another from time to time, 0370 numbers can be the best option for your business. You do not need to change your contact information every time you change your office location. You can use the same number and your customers can contact you using this number no matter in which city of the UK you move.  

Reduce Overhead Cost

If you compare the 0370 numbers cost with the other numbers that you use for your business you can find 0370 numbers are cheaper. These numbers are also customer-friendly. By using you can reduce calling costs and run your marketing campaigns without disturbing your budget. 

Attract More Customers

As the numbers are non-geographic, you can use them to create an image that your business operates nationally. You can advertise your business by using these numbers and customers from all over the country can contact you without any hassle. It helps you to market your products or services and boost sales. 

Disaster Recovery 

If in any case, your business premises suffer a serious accident or power cut off, you do not need to worry because you will not miss any important call. All the calls are redirected to your mobile number by your network provider instantly during office hours. 

Memorable Numbers

Your network provider offers you a wide list of numbers from which you can choose one for your business. In this way, you can select more memorable numbers that will make it much easier for your customers to remember. However, you may need to pay a little more for the most memorable numbers. 

Wrapping UP

The 0370 numbers UK are beneficial for your business in terms of cost and convenience. There is no major drawback of using these numbers. However, you must be careful about the security and never purchase from less reputable companies. Always purchase from a well-reputed and experienced company to enjoy all the benefits of these numbers and increase your sales.

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