What is the best VOIP solution for UK small business

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What is the best VOIP solution for UK small business?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a phone system that works only over an internet connection which means there is no need for a landline Telephone Company. With VoIP, there is no hassle of long technological and unnecessary terminological explanations. In simple words, you just need a phone or an adapter that converts phone signals into digital signals and then sends the signals over the internet.

Why should you employ VoIP?

First of all, you could save money. In general, VoIP phone services are very inexpensive as compared to regular phone services, particularly when we are talking about roaming calls.

Second, VoIP includes a lot more functions. These functions allow you to have your calls routed to your cell number while you are travelling across the globe.

We have gathered here for you the best UK VoIP providers. This list can help you choose the right provider for your business.

Top 12 UK VoIP Service Providers



  • a variety of combined subscription plans beginning from £7.99 per month
  • a free trial of 30-day with 3 users included
  • no long-term contract, no cancellation charges
  • free installation
  • free calling features
  • free calls within the network


  • a variety of combined subscription plans beginning from monthly £2.99 per user no long-term contract, no cancellation fee
  • free call forward
  • free trial of 30-day including 3 users
  • voicemails and free integrated IVR

Virtual Landline

  • Subscription plans starting from monthly £6.95
  • A free mobile app
  • 200 calling minutes for the UK numbers and more than 50 worldwide destinations
  • free call transferring, Follow Me service and conference calls
  • free-roaming through Wi-Fi
  • clear pricing


  • a range of combined subscription plans starting from £15 per month
  • every plan includes Office 365 Business Premium License and Voice License
  • voice menu services, voicemail-to-email
  • free calls within the network
  • Switchboard Free
    • free 0843 and 0844 phone numbers
    • Switchboard FREE account and mobile app
    • free unlimited call divert for up to 5 landline and cell phone numbers
    • local and City phone numbers which start from £5.96 per month for 400 minutes
    • emails notifying the number of missed calls and the voicemail alerts no long-standing contracts


  • per minute 1p charges for the call to a UK landline, 1.5p per minute charges for the call to the majority of the Western world and per minute charges of 10p for calls to any UK cell phone
  • every telephone number – the majority of them at the rate of monthly £2 extensions charges monthly £1 (such as displaying caller name and number)
  • call divert
  • calls that are unanswered go to voicemail
  • failover call divert


  • monthly subscription plans start from monthly charges of £5
  • Intelligent Call Divert, free Auto Attendant, Call Blocker, Call Filter, Recorder and a lot more choices
  • callback charges are calculated separately


  • no base cost and no minimum contract
  • free local number from your selected area code
  • the rate for landline calls to the UK and US start from per minute 1.18p and per minute 9.90p for the cell phone calls
  • low-cost rates and worldwide call pack
  • call packages for the UK start from monthly charges of £9.95

Numbers ETC

  • set-up charges for standard numbers starting from £25
  • landline calls rates are per minute 5p and mobile calls are per minute 15p
  • per month charges of £4.95
  • IVR, voicemail, call screening and other features are accessible for an added monthly charges plus the setup fee


  • free trial
  • free Standard plan
  • free international calls to chosen destinations within Premium plan
  • Monthly charges starting from £2.36
  • call forwarding, 7p per minute

Call Ready

  • telephone numbers starting from monthly £2
  • Call Whisper, Queuing, Voicemail, Call Divert, and other choices are available from monthly charges of £2.95
  • 1-month term contract
  • option to forward call to business’s call center from 87p per call


  • single-user subscription plans starting from monthly £2.99
  • call forward at standard outbound rates
  • free voicemail box
  • landline calls in the UK (off/on-peak) at the rate of per minute 0.5-1p, and to the UK cell phones at a rate of 8-8.5p per minute
  • Call Recording and additional choices from monthly charges of £1.99
  • You can keep your existing number when you switch to Soho66

To summarize:

According to the specific needs of your business, you might want to consider selecting different VoIP solutions. For instance, if you just have 1 or 2 customer calls per week, it will make sense to consider a VoIP service provider which will charge on basis of per minute without any fixed long-term contracts.

If you receive a large number of customer calls every day then you should consider obtaining monthly contracts, including voicemail and several other add-ons to enhance the experience of customers and to save more capital.

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