What are the Advantages of VoIP Technology?

voip advantages

By using VoIP phone services, you can save a lot of capital, particularly in the long term. When it comes to the traditional landline services and Packet Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), time means money. With PSTN you pay for minutes that you spend while talking on calls and it is known how costly the long-distance calls are.

Advantages of VoIP Technology

The VoIP is comparatively different as the technology uses the internet network as the fulcrum, for VoIP phone services the only charges that you pay is the monthly bill. Several surveys recommend that VoIP technology can help you save up to 40% on the local calls, while this percentage can go up to approximately 90% when it comes to long-distance calls.

  • Conference Calls

While PSTN only allows two people to talk on a call at the same time, the VoIP technology can provide the opportunity to make a conference call in real-time.

  • Inexpensive Software and Hardware

With VoIP, you the extra hardware besides a computer and an active internet connection you will need is:

      • Microphone
      • Speakers
      • A sound card
      • And/or a headset
      • As far as software packages are concerned, usually, these are free of cost and can be downloaded from the Internet.


  • Several Useful Features

Through VoIP phone services, you can gain access to several useful, sophisticated and interesting features. Some of them are caller ID, voicemail, additional virtual numbers, contact lists and the ability to make calls to any desiccation across the globe.


  • Multimedia

VoIP phone technology is not only about voice communication since it also handles numerous kinds of media other than voice:

    • Video calls
    • Text
    • Image transfer
    • Video transfer


Flexible Network Layout/Advanced Fault Tolerance

The VoIP technology does not need its underlying network connection to be of a specific layout or topology, this means that is can use several technologies such as SONET, ATM, wireless networks and Ethernet to work. The VoIP is a standardised system; hence VoIP needs less hardware management, making it far more fault-tolerant.


VoIP technology enables its users to use the voice, fax and data services remotely and allows users to transfer files through their company’s internet. VoIP phone technology has a portable aspect to it which is one of the biggest benefits of this technology over regular telephones.

Fax Over IP:

Unlike the PSTN technology, the VoIP system utilises real-time fax transmission to convert data into packets and deliver the data packets more securely and reliably. Furthermore, using VoIP technology you do not even need to have a fax machine.

Broader Aspects of Software Development:

As the VoIP phone technology has the ability to combine several kinds of data which makes call routing and signalling a lot more flexible and stronger as compared to the PSTN technology, hence the potential of VoIP is massive. The innovative network application developers are searching for new, more accessible and consistent ways to put VoIP services to good use with the upcoming applications and the new forms of Internet browsers.

We hope that through this article you have learned about the advantages of VoIP phone technology compared to traditional phones.

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