What are the benefits to sign up for VoIP services?

benefits of signup business voip

If you are thinking about switching your business communication system, then you have probably heard about VoIP phone Technology. The VoIP phone system is a great alternative to the traditional telephone system for businesses. One may wonder what the benefits are of employing a VoIP phone system. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits you get one to sign up for VoIP services.

Benefits of Using VoIP services

When a business switches to VoIP Phone services they usually find the major and most quick advantage is how much money can be saved through this technology.

Why does the VoIP telephone system cost less?

The VoIP Phone Technology cost less compared to the traditional telephone solution in a lot of ways. For instance, since VoIP Phone services does not need any physical phone line, and the set-up process of this service does not need the installation of copper wires in the office space. Nor does VoIP require you to buy and maintain an on-premise PBX.

This means that you would not acquire any charges for establishing your telephone line at any location if your business expands or you move to a new office place.

VOIP phone services International or long-distance calls are not as expensive as they would be with a legacy telecommunication provider. Since VoIP phone calls are transferred as digital data packet across the internet connection employees can call from anywhere around the world without getting high per minute call charges.

Also, employees can use their VoIP phone business line with any device such as a phone in the office, their personal phone or a computer. This means if you install VoIP services you wouldn’t need to buy a separate business phone for each employee. Employees can just use their personal phones for making and receiving calls.

  • More functionality

If your business phone number is tied to a physical landline phone, then you will be limited in terms of how you can use your phone lines. However, with business VoIP phone services you get additional communication capabilities which can be added into your employee’s business phone numbers.

What else can VoIP do?

If your business is using the right type of VoIP phone service for business then your employees will be able to use their business numbers on any device they want to send and receive business text, send and receive faxes, plan and join conferences and manage several other important communication services which they might need on any given day.

VoIP phone services can also give your employees an added communication functionality. For example, collaboration and text messaging along with video conferencing in the same app.

In simple words, instead of using one solution for video conference and another solution for faxing, the VoIP phone services allow you to place all of your employees’ communication functionality in one entrusted application which they can use wherever and whenever they want through whatever device they prefer.

  • Enhanced mobility

One of the greatest limitations of the traditional telephone service is that it ties an employee to a physical location in the office or wherever they might have set up their work.

The VoIP phone solution understands this limitation and removes it completely. VoIP allows your staff to get the work done and to become accessible by phone to all the customers and colleagues from anywhere around the world.

How does the VoIP solution increase employee mobility?

if your employees travel a lot, or work in the field or just have to visit different office branches during the day then those employees wouldn’t be reachable quickly on their business phone line if your business has the traditional telephone services. Any call made to their business number will ring on the employee’s desk phone and then it will be sent to the voicemail.

The best that these remote employees could do is check their voicemail from their phones throughout the day and then try to respond to all the important calls from wherever they can. However, they would be returning those important calls from their personal phone which does not convey the most professional image to prospective customers or clients.

On the other hand, in order to prevent your employees from having to make business calls to their personal phone numbers your business could issue every employee smartphone paid for by the company. However, this obviously would create new capital and operating cost.

With a VoIP phone solution, you can give every employee a virtual phone number that they could use to make and receive calls from any internet-connected device whether a phone, tablet or computer. This means that your remote staff or overseas workers could be available by phone through their business number using their own phone.

Also, this means that your employees would not have to hurry back to the office to return phone calls through their desk phone or miss an important call throughout the day because they were away from their desk. In addition, your business would not have to pay for mobile phones and desk phones for your workers.

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