Hosted VOIP PBX – Avoiding the Use of Huge Physical Phone Equipment

hosted voip pbx

Selecting a hosted VoIP solution for your business can remove a lot of burdens if you are stuck with the traditional phone system. It can be tough to break old habits, and one such habit is using traditional phones because they have been around for decades and you cannot imagine your business working without them.

However, you are missing out on a lot, because the VoIP technology can take away the majority of the telephone equipment problems which you have been enduring for too long. A few of those issues are ones you have merely tolerated. It is also a fact that when you use a piece of equipment for so long the liabilities can start to become invisible. Nonetheless, as the competition in the business world is increasing, you may probably start to notice those problems more evidently. Let’s discuss the burdens which you have faced with massive and huge communications equipment and how VoIP technology can resolve this problem for once and all.

The burden of Maintaining an On-premise Hosted VOIP PBX Server

If you use the traditional telephones, then you probably also have CRM software where all caller information is stored through an on-premise server. Having to Maintain your own server can be a huge financial risk. If something were to go wrong with your server then you would be responsible for getting it fixed in an appropriate manner. But, if you lag then it could result in excessive downtime.

With extra repair time also you will lose hundreds or maybe thousands of pounds. Hosted VOIP PBX that operate through the cloud allows you to drop the responsibility of maintaining your own server. Your VoIP service provider allows you to store all your call data through an offsite cloud server.in case if you travel a lot or work then you can search for any information that you might need anywhere that has internet. During disasters, you can retrieve your telephone system in another location instantly.

The burden of Maintaining the telephone Equipment

Landline telephones have not transformed a lot in appearance from the way they decades ago. Even though these have touch-tone buttons or different digital touch-ups these phones still take up a lot of room on a desk.  Even though the world is becoming more wireless each day, yet these phones are still not wireless. Every physical phone still needs a cord to be attached to the receiver and needs several bundles of wires for plug-ins. This means having to hire technicians to connect the telephones properly, also needing time for training.

Then there the big responsibility of maintenance which can happen more often than you know. Recently, you might have had to switch your phone at least once a year and maintain is several times yearly. As a business develops more deterioration is inevitable on those phones. Though cost is a huge aspect in maintaining phone equipment. Constantly substituting those phones can start to eat your profits substantially. VoIP phone systems operate through an existing internet connection, so you can remove the physical phones finally.

Going Wireless Finally

All the infinite wires and cables can become maddening after some time. Having to spend additional connecting a million devices throughout the business can become almost unbearable to manage. Yet, wireless technology is making this outdated slowly. VoIP phone technology is at the forefront to help eliminate the muddled wire and cable maze. A majority of VoIP service providers offer you wireless headphones which allow your employees to use the phone whilst moving around. It doesn’t bound them to be knotted to a desk and hold a corded phone receiver for hours at a time. The days of stressed employees hunched over a cumbersome phone can become history.

Competitive Advantage of Hosted VoIP PBX

Given the pace of technological advancements, every small business worry that their investment in the infrastructure and technology will be rendered outdated is just a short amount of time. This worry is reinforced by the past investments which they made in old phone systems since the parts or replacement phones become more and more costly and difficult to find. This makes having a traditional phone system extremely costly.

With the hosted PBX, the burden to maintain a phone system has shifted completely to the VoIP service provider. they are always the phone technology and related features on the cutting edge and certifying the newest VoIP phone system on their platform. As time passes, businesses are introduced to new capabilities and features. As their phones age and become damaged then they can be easily replaced with a newer model which will work with any old phone which they continue to use.

Many small businesses still are scared of VoIP technology since they lack the proper information. However, the small businesses switching to Hosted VoIP get the enterprise-level features, low cost of purchase, monthly cost savings, avoid obsolescence and flexibility in deployment. They can use these features to enhance their communications both internally and externally. All of this delivers a competitive benefit to their business, which can help them flourish and succeed in today’s market climate.

Whether your business is small or large with VoIP you become the competition. You can get the attention of your target audience. You can earn your customers satisfaction and loyalty. Hence, you can get a competitive edge over the competition. Every small business deserves the same competitive advantage as its huge counterparts.

If you own a small business, then you do your research for hosted VoIP providers and gain this benefit over your competition.

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