What Are 0871 Numbers? 0871 Numbers Cost

What Are 0871 Numbers 0871 Numbers Cost

When people make calls or start using 0871 numbers, several questions come to their mind, such as whether making calls to these numbers is a proper appeal or unscrupulous. What will be the cost of calling? Are there any extra charges for having a connection? These and many other things linger in people’s minds. 0871 numbers are the premium-rate numbers, and a part of the calling cost is paid to the business using these numbers. Such numbers can work alongside your existing landline numbers. Many companies in the UK are using these numbers for technical support departments.     

Here we are providing you with all the information you need to know about 0871 numbers.

What Is The 0871 Number?

The 0871 numbers are premium-rate numbers that are non-geographical. It means that this number is not linked with a specific area in the UK. All the calls to these numbers are charged at premium rates, making these numbers a popular way to make money from phone numbers. A person who purchases an 0871 number can set a calling rate, so the cost varies between different numbers. The owner of the number has the responsibility to tell callers how much the call will cost them. The use of numbers is becoming popular because of the potential of making money.  

Following companies are using 0871 numbers UK:

  • Travel booking and ticketing services 
  • Pre-sales services 
  • Conference call services 
  • Horoscope and fortune telling lines 
  • Support lines and chargeable information

However, now companies are not allowed to use 0871 numbers for post-sale customer service lines. Customers also find it costly to call these numbers. It is also a reason many companies moved away from using them.   

How Much Is The Cost of Calling 0871 Number? 

The cost of calling the 0871 number depends on who owns the number. However, according to the rule, there is a dual-rate on call, it includes an access fee paid to the network provider, and the second is a service fee paid to the phone number owner. The access fee can vary depending on whether you are making a call from a landline or mobile phone. For example, it can be 12p per minute when calling from a landline and 55p per minute when calling from a mobile phone. Along with this, there is a service fee that can be up to 13p per minute. 

The call charges can also vary according to the situation. For example, when you make a call from a hotel, the hotels add a fee for making calls to a 0871 number. Therefore calling a premium number from a hotel phone can be more expensive.

Moreover, keep in mind that calls to 0871 numbers are also excluded from any free minutes that you have in your calling packages because they are premium-rate numbers that include service charges.  

Uses Of 0871 Numbers

0871 numbers are different from traditional landline numbers and are not associated with a particular region. They are most commonly used by conference calling services, event ticketing services, fortune-telling and chargeable information services. Other than that, many large firms in building sectors, banking sectors, travel firms, gas, electricity and utility companies use these numbers very much. These organizations use 0871 numbers in different departments, such as complaint departments and client support services. Use of 0871 numbers for customer support services is forbidden by law now. 

0871 numbers Regulations

All the 0871 numbers that charge service charges more than 7p per call or 7p per minute are regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority. If a company charges more than the advertised amount, you can complain to the regulatory authority, and the authority will advise you what you should do. Similarly, if a company does not display costs in the advertisement, you can contact Phone-paid Services Authority for guidance. However, it is the responsibility of the phone number owner to display the 0871 number cost. 

Benefits Of 0871 Numbers

0871 numbers offer several benefits to their users. Some of which are as follows: 

  • It is a non-geographical number and gives your business a national presence. It can help you to market your products or services throughout the country.  
  • These numbers help you to generate revenue on each call you receive. You can earn on incoming calls of up to 8 pence per minute.
  • You do not need to change your number every time you relocate your office. This way, you can save the cost of updating the promotional or advertising material. 
  • These numbers include additional features such as intelligent calling that help your business in terms of call management. 
  • Most providers offer you call statistics through which you can monitor your call traffic. 

Using 0871 numbers, you can attract clients out of your locality, attract more customers and boost sales. Moreover, the revenue generated from these numbers can be used to pay staffing costs and offset operational expenditures. 

How Can You Get an 0871 Number? 

There are many providers in the UK providing 0871 numbers. You can purchase a number online for your business. The provider you chose may offer different pricing plans. You can shop around to find a plan that suits you the best. There are hundreds of numbers, and you can select the most memorable numbers so that your customers can quickly contact you. However, you may need to pay more for purchasing more impressive numbers.     

Do You Need To Register 0871 Number?

No, it is not essential to register your 0871 number, but usage of the number must comply with the Phone-paid Services Authority regulations. You have two options for the use of 0871 numbers:

You can use it for basic service in which you only want to redirect the calls on your 0871 number to any other 01 or 02 number.

In advanced services, you can use other call management options from straightforward to complex. 

All the 0871 numbers have the same features regardless of what the next digit is in the phone number. Popular variations in these numbers include 08717,08718 and 08711.

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