Video Conferencing Bringing a Social Isolated World Together

Video Conferencing Bringing a Social Isolated World Together

From non-profit, small business, enterprises to everything in between, video conferencing has never been used by so many people at the same time. In times of global threat, people are social distancing. This precautionary step has put a strain on the workforce, as employees and managers are trying to work from home. In such times one tool that has proven to be a useful tool is video conference calls. With this innovative and modern tool business can maintain the work ethic they have in the office. They can communicate with everyone whether a supplier, partner, investor, customer or employee. The reason that businesses have taken this tool into consideration is because of its numerous benefits. We are going to enlist some of these benefits for you.

How is Video Conferencing Bringing a Social Isolated World Together?


  • Simple Management and Usability

Conferencing Online is a great collaborative solution that gives the working teams the access they need. Since, it offers more than just video conference including real-time instant messaging and screen sharing. However, depending on a lot of desperate web conferencing solutions can complicate everything, be implementing a strong online meeting solution with user-friendly interface can help teams focus on their meetings rather than having to troubleshoot every meeting. So, make sure you put your trust is a good Voice over IP conference service. That doesn’t make false promises.

  • Enable the Digital Workforce 

Video conference software creates a collaborative meeting culture in an organization while also enabling a digital workforce. With a video meeting, teams can maintain the human connection regardless of a physical location that speeds up the decision making and enhances a business’s ability to collaborate globally. So, if you have started to use video conference now while social isolating then you can closely experience the benefits of the conference and use it even after the lockdown is over.

  • Increase Communication Reliability

Video conference is a secure and fast solution to communicate with your teams. As the video continues to develop into a critical business function, it is essential to prioritise the enterprise-level service and support reliability in your chosen solution. Just invest a bit time in finding whether your provider works towards developing a better product.

  • Rally Communication and Culture

Nowadays workforce prioritises flexibility, mobility and modern types of communication over private offices anyway. This way remote workforce can come face-to-face with the in-house employees, it can essentially boost productivity on both ends and it can reduce travel expenses as well. Comparing the cost of a video conference and travelling shows that video conferencing is the better winner. Whether your business comprises of remote employees, is globally dispersed or emphasizes a healthy work/life balance, a video conference solution has the ability to bring the human connection to every interaction.

  • Improve Value and Reduce Redundancy

Businesses that upgrade to video VoIP conferencing find out more value in video conference solutions that also include screen sharing, conference recording, live streaming and chat. The total cost of ownership, licensing and maintenance for multiple providers, just adds the unnecessary cost for the end-users. A standard-based interoperability solution allows businesses to extend their investment and more value from the solution by integrating it, for instance, integration of the solution with Microsoft suites such as Teams, Outlook, Exchange and Skype for business for clear audio and video experience. Adopting such solutions can ensure workflow and better productivity.

How to Choose the Right Conference Service?

If you have seen the news recently or been on social media then you would have noticed that there is a surge of interviews done through video conferences and the basic dilemma which comes with it, the interference. Regardless of how far technology has come, there still is an issue of poor audio quality. With the popularity of video conference, the audio quality has become even more of an issue for many since service providers eagerly provide audio and video even to those with a poor internet connection.

So, what actually is important for a conference, being able to hear or see?

There is no doubt that with a video you get additional pointers during a discussion but you can’t do without the audio. Audio is the key to a conference call. Without audio, conferencing is a useless tool. So, when you choose a service provider and need video then make sure that your provider adequately deals with the poor internet connection when audio and video conference is involved. What does this mean? Well, it means you got to ask this question if a host or participant has poor internet then is the video element of the conference ‘frozen’ in order to ensure more internet bandwidth goes to the conference audio quality. If not then you might face an issue with audio quality.

Enjoy Video Conferencing With VoIP 

Elevate your communication experience and foster seamless collaboration with VoIP by delving into video conferencing. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology revolutionises voice communication and offers powerful video conferencing capabilities. With VoIP-based video conferencing, teams can engage in face-to-face virtual meetings, enhancing the depth and effectiveness of communication. This feature is precious for remote work scenarios, allowing teams to connect, share screens, and collaborate in real-time from various locations. VoIP’s video conferencing functionality combines high-quality visuals with the flexibility of accessing meetings from desktops, laptops, or mobile devices, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for businesses seeking efficient and interactive remote collaboration. Embrace the era of visual communication and enhance your team’s connectivity with VoIP video conferencing.

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