Three Innovative Uses of VoIP in the Office

VoIP in the Office

The phone system has always been as essential as water and power for businesses. every business needs a good phone system to rely on. it really doesn’t matter which provider is selected for the phone services. all the businesses only care about the overall cost of the system which was quite high with traditional phone systems. this is where the VoIP technology has brought a change. the biggest benefit of VoIP technology is its cost-saving and hence lot of organisations have switched over to VoIP services. however, it is time that Enterprises think of VoIP as a competitive benefit. you can implement VoIP services in an innovative way in your office which can give you an edge over your competition. the VoIP services are no longer a commodity because you can personalise and customise them according to your needs and workflow.

Furthermore, you can also build an intelligent application through VoIP technology as the underlying platform. the flexibility that you get with VoIP services can actually help your business in a lot of ways which were either impractical or impossible with the traditional phone systems. in this article, we are going to discuss three innovative ways through which you can deploy the VoIP Phone services in your office.

Innovative use of VoIP technology in the virtual office

There are a few businesses who have dreamt of the extent to which the VoIP system could support virtualisation. VoIP is system that supports everything from call forward to multiple ringing devices simultaneously? you can also imitate a call centre environment using VoIP services and all the related features for your employees even if they are not working in the office space. now a lot of small businesses think that they do not need such advanced facility for their business but perhaps none of their workers work from home. however, that is the condition today and it is certain to change in the future. With VoIP you will be able to hire new workers from any location, you will not be restricted to eradicate potential candidate just based on their location. another way you can use this feature is that if you have offices in separate locations then you easily can move your workers from one location to another and they can have the same phone number where ever they go.

VoIP means no more waiting for new cabling or any configuration. all your new employees do not need to wait for the phone lines and numbers as you can just add or remove phone numbers using a web dashboard just in a few clicks.

VoIP and multifaceted routing rules

At VoIP technology’s the current level of, it supports Complex routing rules. let’s assume a situation where is salesman must leave the office space for a training session. with the traditional system, he could transfer the incoming calls to Voicemail or have another employee handle his customers. he wouldn’t have any more options or control over how to treat the incoming calls. if we apply VoIP Phone services in the same situation then the employee could set priority rules for all the incoming calls for example.

  • transfer all the incoming calls to a voicemail if there is no answer.
  • forward all the incoming calls from a manager to a personal mobile number but not if it is the weekend or after working hours.
  • if an important customer calls then call routing can be set up to a particular employee and an instant message can be sent to their mobile?
  • send transcribed Voicemail to email as an attachment with the original VoIP message.

All these routing rules may appear complicated however VoIP Phone systems easily handle this today. you do not even have to spend a lot of time setting the rules up or an expert to do it. a lot of VoIP services enable you to establish these rules with a user-friendly interface. however, providers are working to take this feature to another level. now think about all the time you can save if your system was smart enough to implement all of these routing rules on its own. the caller will not reach the wrong individual and your employees would not be bothered when they are busy.

Using a VoIP system as an extension of your brand

when was the last time when you thought about the hold music? The music which allows your caller to hear when they are waiting to speak to a service provider. what about a voicemail message holiday greeting or any other audio touch point?

The truth is that a lot of small businesses do not have the time to think about building their brand. hence before VoIP, you did not have the means to build your brand over the phone. a lot of VoIP services allow you to use the tools to customise the feature of hold music, Voice recordings and Voicemail prompts etc. you can select from hundreds of samples and have the one which represents your brand correctly. you can also swap the music out at the movements notice. how is this useful? Let’s think about the brand-building opportunities where you can customise recordings according to the time, location and season of your callers. suppose you have a client in different countries each area will have its own holidays and festivities because if a caller from one country hears custom greetings that might not be appropriate for their location to them it would be a random message which has no meaning.

There you have it. do not just use VoIP services in the same always. recognise this opportunity to rethink the way you do your business every day.

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