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What is the 0560 number?

0560 is the number that is usually used for internet telephones. Calls between 0560 numbers are free until calls. You can call these numbers from anywhere, wherever you are. The format used for this number is 056 XXXX XXXX. On

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What are 0800 Numbers? Explained 2021

Calling 0800 numbers was made accessible in July 2015. Before that, only landline phones had access to call these numbers free of cost. Mobile phone callers were asked to pay for the call they made to the 0800 numbers. Later

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Cheerful employee using VoIP service

Why your business needs VoIP in 2020?

Many businesses and consumers are dealing with a decline in business as the COVID-19 continues to impact lives. Now the majority of private and government businesses are looking for ways to deal with coronavirus pandemic by utilising all available technologies.

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cloud phone system uk

Cloud Phone System UK – Business VoIP

Business VoIP UK provides a feature-rich business cloud phone system. It gives you a chance to enhance productivity and customise the experience with a dynamic communication service. With our Cloud Phone services, you can scale your business easily and quickly.

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Save Money with VoIP: Top 4 Tips

The Advancements in the telecom industry have enabled businesses to drive towards modernisation. The use of cloud phone technology or hosted phone technology is growing rapidly in the business world. Thanks to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology businesses can

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