Making Cheap International Calls With Mobile Phones 2022

Making Cheap Calls to Mobiles

One problem that is often faced is making cheap international calls. And we all know how expensive they can be. But don’t worry, if you are trying to look for cheap alternatives, you have come to the right place.

With the world being turned into a global village, staying connected internationally is a need of the hour. And now and then we find ourselves wanting to connect to the world at large; may it be for business, entertainment, work, or much more.


Here we will be sharing money-saving tips that will help you when you make your next business call or want to ring your international pals. 



Making cheap international calls with override providers

Override providers are the companies that allow you to call internationally. They give you an access number and then calls can be made using that number. Often these are expensive but there are many cheap deals available as well. They are of great help to people who need to make international calls regularly. 

We have listed some of the override providers below:




You can sign up with 18185 free of cost. The bill will be charged only for the calls you make. It’s a great help if you need to make cheap international calls now and then.




JustCall is a cloud phone system. It is designed for businesses. It has a monthly fee of £40 each month.




VoIPBusiness is also a cloud-based system that is equally good for personal use as well as businesses and making cheap calls to mobile. It is also charged every month which a price of £10. Visit now

Cheap International calls with mobile phones

Many mobile phone companies allow you to make cheap calls worldwide. Some of the options you can use are and learn how to make cheap international calls:




If you use EE, you can make cheap international calls at a price of 1p per minute. There are some packages available too such as International Pack, or International Extra Pack which comes in very handy when making bulk calls. 




With a price of £3 per month, you can use O2 for making cheap mobile calls. 




With three you can call as well as text to landlines in about 20 countries. Usually, it costs 3p per minute but there are cheaper deals available as well

International SIM cards

Many mobile phone providers offer international SIM cards as well. These cards are specially designed and oriented towards global communication. These SIM cards work just like your usual SIM card. All you have to do is to replace your existing SIM card with this one.

Though buying it will cost you a few pennies, but they prove to be very good in the long run. You can buy international SIM cards in your home country. But if you are travelling abroad, then it will be much cheaper to buy them from the country of your destination.
Two of the most popular options for international SIM cards include:

International SIM cards





International SIM card of O2 lets you call several countries and make calls at a price of 1p per minute if you are calling to landline or 5p per minute if you are calling to a mobile phone.




Lycamobile is a suitable choice because it lets you call all over the world. Another great thing about it is that you can use your SIM according to the amount of data or minutes you require.

International SIMs operate on a contract basis. Most of them offer calls to UK mobiles and landlines along with the data package you pay for. The subscription can be ended in 30 days. Calls to customer support companies are not included in the package. 

There are many features you can look for when selecting a SIM such as if you have to call a single country, you may choose a SIM and the package for that country only. It will be much cheaper. If you have to make international calls to multiple countries but they fall in the same region, such as South Asia or Western Europe, relevant packages are available for them as well.   

You also have a choice to select a package based on the number of caller minutes. This way you will be calling to several countries. If you are a student, you can also go for student packages.

International phonecards

You can also use an international phone card to make your calls. They are of great use because you can decide exactly how much you want to spend. You can buy the phone cards according to your budget and need not pay extra bucks. These phone cards can be used on any phone and do not require any additional software to help run them. 

Phone cards are an excellent option if you have to make international calls once in a while.  But if you are a regular caller then using them would not be the cheapest option. 

Making free calls over the internet

If you want to know how to make cheap international calls, VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a good choice. VoIP lets you call over the internet in a very handy as well as cheap way.

The most important thing that matters when making calls over the internet or using VoIP is the quality of the internet connection. You can have a very high-quality call if you have an excellent connection. But if you are at someplace where the signal strength is weak, your call may get interrupted. 

There are plenty of VoIP options to use. They come in the form of apps that can easily be installed on your smartphone. Many of them are already present on your phone when you buy a new set. Most of them are available worldwide too. For your convenience, we have listed some such apps below along with their starling features.




Discord app is an amazing option for instant chatting making calls over the internet. It has a group chat feature as well. And is most used among gamers who want to stay connected to the members of their team during the game. Discord provides excellent call quality as well. 

Facebook Messenger: 



Facebook messenger is also a very good choice when you have to make instant messages. If you are trying to connect to a company or a person, you are currently not in contact with, you can just open Facebook and send them your message through messenger. Facebook messenger also gives you an option to make audio as well video calls. Moreover, you can send voice messages as well. 

Google Duo:



Google duo is a great option for video conferencing and connecting with your team members, friends, or family. All you are needed to do is to have this app installed on your phone as well as the recipient. It can also work via desktop. 




Skype is most widely acknowledged as a cheap and good quality option for making international calls. There are many features available on skype including the option to share screen which is very helpful when giving a presentation. Teachers can also use Skype to aid them in remote teaching. Calls can be recorded over Skype as well. Skype calls can also be made on a mobile phone or a landline directly. It also allows file sharing. 




The signal is another VoIP app for people who would want more privacy when it comes to online conversations and calls. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It gives an option to sync your contacts, making it easier to connect with other people. With Signal you can make free calls on mobile.




WhatsApp is perhaps the easiest and most popular VoIP app. It is commonly used for messaging, but it also has an option for audio and video calls available. WhatsApp calls use very little bandwidth and can be used in areas of poor internet connection. WhatsApp also lets you sync your contact list with it. 

Using VoIP calls comes in very handy because they are inexpensive and as long as you have a good internet connection they work very well. The person you are calling also needs to have a good internet connection. 

Calling landlines and mobiles from VoIP


There are so many VoIP apps that require you to install apps on your phone. However below we have listed some options that let you make calls directly to a phone number or a landline. This is especially helpful when the person you are calling does not have the required app installed on their phone.

Some of the Companies which offer VoIP to Phone service include:




You can use KeepCalling which is very cheap. It has calling rates starting at around 0.6p per minute for Canada, 0.9p per minute for India, and 0.6p per minute for China.




The price of calls for skype depends upon the country to which you are calling. For example, making calls to the USA costs around £2.40 a month.




Rebtel allows you to call 51 countries. The rate for calling is £5 a month. 




Just like Skype, when you make calls at Vyke, the cost rate depends upon the country where you are calling at. The rates start at less than 1p per minute. 

How VoIP Can Cut Cost On International Calls 

VoIP significantly reduces international calling costs by leveraging the internet to transmit voice data. Traditional phone systems involve complex and costly infrastructure for international calls, often resulting in high per-minute rates. In contrast, VoIP relies on internet connectivity, allowing it to transmit voice packets over the same network used for data. It eliminates the need for dedicated international circuits and associated expenses. VoIP providers typically offer competitive international calling rates, bundled plans, or unlimited calling options to specific countries. It makes it a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses seeking to cut international calling expenses. VoIP’s streamlined and efficient nature contributes to substantial savings while maintaining high-quality communication across borders.

Depending upon your need and budget, you can go for whatever VoIP and can have experience of the best free and cheap calls through mobile phone internationally. 

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