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The 0330 numbers were introduced in 2007 and are assigned as non-geographic dialing codes.  It means that these numbers are not associated with a specific region of the UK. Are you in search of cheaper alternatives to 0800 phone numbers? Well, you can try the 0330 numbers.

They are being used by many organizations and businesses who want to provide their customers with a nationwide contact number instead of a local one. These numbers are getting popular among businesses because the 0330 call cost is cheaper and businesses can cut down operational costs in this way.

Let’s take a closer look to understand what are 0330 numbers, how much they cost, and for which purposes they can be used.

What are 0330 Numbers?

0330 numbers are relatively new non-geographic numbers that are charged the same as the local rate when calling from the UK. These numbers are not associated with a specific area thus giving companies the flexibility to have a landline number without being linked to a specific area.

0330 numbers are best for the companies who have offices at different locations in the country, they can have a central telephone number. Companies purchase these numbers for several reasons but most commonly it is commonly used as primary customer service helpline contact. Every 0330 number starts with a four-digit code that is followed by seven digits.   

Are 0330 Numbers Free?

Before purchasing 0330 numbers you may have many questions in your mind including is 0330 free? The answer to your question is that 0330 numbers are not free of cost. However, it is cheaper than the 0800 numbers. The cost of 0330 numbers is the same as a landline in the UK. It means if you are calling from your home or office landline, it will be charged the same rate as any other local number. 

The price also varies with the method and provider that you use to make calls. Some companies offer free minutes to local phone numbers at specific times such as weekends and evenings. When you make calls from a mobile phone to the 0330 number the call will be charged as the same when you call a UK landline number

Can I Make A Call To 0330 Numbers From Outside The UK?

As long as your call provider allows, you can accept calls from outside the UK on your 0330 numbers. To make a call to 0330 numbers from abroad, you have to dial the country code (+44) before omitting the first zero. The cost of the call varies depending on your phone network provider. If you want to call a company from outside the UK you should prefer to call on the 0330 numbers of the company as they offer the best value for money no matter where you are calling. 

How Can You Get 0300 Numbers For Business?

There are many phone network providers offering 0330 numbers for your business. You must shop around to make price and quality comparisons. The right provider always offers high quality and competitive rates. You should also check the track record of the providers. The leading UK providers offer separate plans for small medium and large enterprises and you can choose one that meets your business requirements.

Some providers also offer 30 30-day free trial, in this way, you can experience their services before purchasing numbers. You can purchase a 0330 number from a provider that suits you the best and can promote your business throughout the country by using these virtual numbers

To purchase a number you can sign up with a selected provider, select your virtual number, download the app, and start making and receiving calls. 

Benefits Of 0330 Numbers For Your Business?

The major advantage of 0330 numbers is that they are not associated with a specific area. Thus you can use it to create an impression that your business operates on a national scale.

Other benefits that your business can have by using 0330 numbers are as follows:

i. Modern Convenience Using 0330 Numbers

If you own a business that you have to move from one location to another then you must have 0330 numbers. With these numbers, you do not need to update your contact number again and again when you relocate. You can use the same number in different locations and your customers can contact you easily no matter in which city of the UK you move to. 

ii. Attract More Clients

These numbers can be used to attract more clients from all over the country. As the number is non-geographic, it will give your business a national image. You can market your products or services throughout the country with more customers and boost sales. 

iii. How 0330 Numbers Cut Overhead Cost?

When you compare 0330 numbers with other national alternatives you can find it cheaper and customer friendly. By using these numbers you can reduce the calling cost.  Moreover, you can increase your marketing campaigns without the fear of busting your budget. 

iv. Broad Reach With 0330 Numbers

The 0330 numbers can give you an extensive approach beyond your current region. Therefore, you can have an advantage for marketing your business to a broad client base. 

v. 0330 Numbers as Memorable Numbers

Many businesses want to have a number that is easy for customers to remember. The 0330 number providers offer you a choice of numbers from which you can select an appropriate or memorable number. 

vi. Call Management Using 0330 Numbers

The 0330 numbers come with call management features. It can route calls to the most convenient numbers automatically.  You can also make your business easier by accessing your voicemails from your emails. 

Other than the above-mentioned advantages most providers offer you free talk time per month with the standard packages. 

Final Words – 0330 Numbers 

The 0330 numbers are beneficial for businesses because they are cost-effective and convenient. There is no actual downside of these numbers itself but you must be careful of the security with these numbers. You should avoid purchasing numbers from less reputable providers as they may offer you low rates.  Always purchase numbers from well-known phone network providers and use them to boost your business. 

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