12 Productivity-boosting Uses for VoIP

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With VoIP, businesses have a lot of different means to promote themselves and manage operations. It allows companies to make and pick up calls over the internet and route phone calls at will, freeing businesses from the limitations of fixed lines. By deploying Voice Over IP even the smallest or homed bases companies can establish a virtual office environment that helps them in competing with bigger businesses.

Setting up a virtual office:

Several entrepreneurs and business base their company operations out of the virtual office. The callers get greeted by a professional phone menu. There is music on hold with recorded messages, flexible voicemail and call back option for when the calls aren’t answered. With VoIP Phone systems your customers can never recognize that you work from home. And for some, it may sound costly, but in reality, the majority of VoIP phone plans include these calling features as standard.

12 ways to Improve productivity using VoIP Phone System:

According to research VoIP technology helps businesses increase their productivity radically. We are going to enlist twelve ways VoIP phone can help your business become more productive.

Complete control over business telephone system:

With VoIP, you can see a list of all your employees and you can call them with just a click. Also, you can easily check the number of dialled calls, missed calls and call lengths. Some VoIP systems might even allow you to listen in to calls giving you complete control.

  • Remote offices:

With VoIP you can have remote office function giving you the choice to route all phone calls to another phone. Also, whenever you call someone, your work phone number appears in the recipient’s caller ID.

  • Easy integration with other systems:

Every business usually uses different technologies and systems to improve your operational efficiency. VoIP system easily integrates with a variety of other business phone systems. This way you can take benefit of VoIP without changing the existing IT infrastructure or applications. For instance, outbound phone calls can be made through Outlook or other email system or customer record.

  • Call divert:

VoIP phone makes it easier to divert phone calls to wherever you are. You can either divert phone calls to a specific phone number or you can have phone calls forwarded to different phone numbers in turn, until you receive the call. L while callers do not even know it is happening.

  • Call forwarding:

With VoIP, you can set certain rules so only important phone calls are forwarded to your alternate phone number. This way you can avoid unnecessary phone calls, yet still connect with the important ones.

  • Speed Dial:

You can also set up unlimited speed dials to make calls quickly without searching and dialling phone numbers.

  • Conference Calls:

VoIP phone allows you to make conference calls with multiple individuals at once and as VoIP utilises internet connection, you shouldn’t need to pay extra for this feature either.

  • Do not disturb:

With do not disturb you can avoid interruptions by forwarding calls straight to your voicemail.

  • Voicemail messaging:

If you get large call volume then important messages can get buried and few systems might delete messages after a specific time. VoIP allows you to get voicemail messages delivered as audio files in your email so you can listen to them whenever you want. You can save them and share at your will.

  • Priority calls:

If you do not want to get disturbed but also don’t want to miss any important calls then you can set up priority alerts that can ring your phone only for the person you are waiting for. This can improve your productivity.

  • Out of office messages:

If you are out of office then VoIP phone can send you a message on your mobile allowing you to know if you have received a voicemail. You can also log on to your laptop and check your voicemail messages so you never miss a business opportunity.

  • Scalability:

To increase efficiency and effectiveness businesses can scale which is not possible with traditional landline phones. Scalability is one of the biggest advantages of VoIP which supports productivity and efficiency while remaining cost-effective as well.

  • A new way to stay in contact:

A VoIP phone system provides an online control panel through which you can change your calling setting from anywhere and anytime. You can generally create and edit your voicemail prompts or you can change your greetings regardless of your physical location. Also, you can conveniently have all calls routed to one phone number.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of deploying VoIP phone system is its cost. Rather than having to pay the capital cost of moving into an office space, paying rent and other overheads, a virtual office can provide a lot of the same services with more freedom and flexibility at a significantly lower cost.

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