How VoIP Can Change Customer Interactions in 2022

How VoIP can change customer interactions in 2020

Every aspect of life is affected by the digital revolution because this is the era of digitalisation. In today’s business world customer interaction has become the key for every successful business. However, every year new technologies are being introduced, several apps have transformed the way businesses interact with their customers. One such latest technology which we will discuss in this article is Voice Over IP (VoIP), also known as IP telephony. The worldwide market for VoIP phone technology is likely to grow to almost $140 billion by the year 2021.

The VoIP phone system will rule 2022, and it’s obvious of the tremendous benefits like flexibility, efficiency and scalability which VoIP has got in its bucket. With time VoIP is evolving, therefore more businesses are implementing this phone system. If you are one of those businesses planning to switch from traditional phone to something better, then the VoIP phone system is your one-stop solution.

VoIP Phone System: A leading Solution

The traditional phone numbers are attached to a single phone line and a single phone number. But, when you deploy VoIP phone service then the telephone numbers to telephone line ratio is no longer 1:1. For instance, if you have a VoIP PBX system, you have one telephone number with 10 phone lines or can have twenty phone numbers and two phone lines. It is your choice.

With VoIP, you can receive and make phone calls from any part of the world. VoIP is also very helpful when it comes to making long-distance phone calls, which otherwise cost quite a huge amount. If you have a start-up or small business, then you wouldn’t want to spend money on expensive phone calls. That’s where cloud-based VoIP phone systems come in, as they are not only beneficial for your business but are cost-effective for your callers also. This way you can ultimately improve your customer services. In short, if you have your company in London but have customers from New York then all you need is to buy local New York VoIP phone numbers to provide ‘local’ customer support.

By purchasing a local virtual number, you can remove all the hassles that are related to toll-free phone numbers. You cannot just connect with your customers but also with your business partners easily. Instead of having to travel thousands of miles you can just conduct audio or video meetings over the cloud-based phone system. This way you can save a lot of travelling and long-distance calling.

Answer All Your Phone Calls

With VoIP, none of your calls will now go unanswered. VoIP PBX phone systems have call forwarding technology that can route the calls to the right department or customer representative. This way, you can provide your customers with instant solutions and their problems are resolved as they occur. All error can be eliminated, and you can have more happy and satisfied customers who would promote your business with word of mouth.

With VoIP phone systems you can maximise your productivity and waste less time on voicemails and calling back customers. According to research, businesses with a unified communication solution save almost 49660 hours a year.

Save Money on Customer Services

Customer service teams can even work remotely and cut extra overheads on office space supplies, staff expenses, utilities, employee benefits program, etc. this way your business can save thousands of dollars every year. Well, known technology brand Dell save more than $39.5 million and cut down energy emissions by permitting their workers to telecommute from home. Transferring voice over data is a lot cheaper than making a phone call from a traditional landline. The monthly cost of a VoIP phone is way less than the traditional phone line. Businesses can save almost 75% by switching to VoIP from the traditional phone.

Engage with Customers in a Better Way

For any business, its customers are the most important factor and providing them with the best services is the utmost priority. In 2022, customer services will become a number one brand differentiator surpassing product and price. According to research, 86% of customers will pay more to get better customer services.

Businesses that struggle with customer services need to choose VoIP Phone Solutions. Nowadays, employees have more information about customers because of which issues are resolved instantly, which can prevent customers from a complaint from escalating to higher authorities and becoming damaging disputes.

In order to uphold your business’s position above the competitors, you have to update yourself with recent technological trends and getting a VoIP phone system for your company will be the best decision. One that you wouldn’t regret. So, you need to buck up and enhance your business’s productivity with this flourishing technology.

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