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  • Free Upto 3 Users
  • All VoIPBusiness features
  • Limited UK Calls
  • Limited inbound calls
  • Limited UK outbound calls
  • International calls
  • SMS
  • No set-up or activation fees
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Special Premium Features

Multi-level auto attendant

Voicemail transcription to email

Call recording

Auto-Backup Call Recordings to Cloud Storage

Busy lamp field


Advanced call handling including Whisper, Barge and more


Voice Calling

Free Munites


Call Encryption

Free number porting

Call group

Call Forwarding and Routing

Alternative Caller ID

Secure meetings

Unlimited video calling (peer-to-peer)

One-to-one video calling

HD video calling

Meetings (video and audio)

Unlimited conference calls


Voicemail to email


Voicemail to email



Voice to email notifications

Basic Feature

Text To Speech

Shared line appearance

Professionally recorded greeting

Hold music

Music On Hold playlist

Time Of Day Routing

Call Screening & Blocking

Dial By Extension

Directory / Phone Book


Team presence

Team messaging and collaboration

Private group messaging

Screen sharing


Document sharing

Encrypted Messaging

Persistent chat

Administration Management

Admin portal

Roles & Permissions

User portal


Real-time system status alerts

Call Detail Record

Call history

Call log reports

Voice Analytics


Bring your own device (BYOD)

Desk phone

Conference phone

Hot Desking

Device Status Reports

Device Status Alerts


App for Mac

App for Windows

App for iOS

App for Android

Browser Based Phone


Email support

Chat support

Phone support

Professional Implementation


Multi-site support

24×7 Support

Everything online

  • Two Dashboards One for Admin and One for User
  • Admin can make multiple users
  • Admin will grant prevalages to user according to requirements
  • In-browser setup and configuration
  • No external technician necessary
  • Presence – Busy Lamp Fields (BLF)
  • Keep an eye on live calls


  • DDI
  • Extensions
  • Chat/Message
  • Call Transfer (Divert, Forward, Hold, Parking, Waiting )
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Caller ID
  • Ring Groups
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Blocking
  • Phone Book


  • Add as many participants as you want
  • Talker optimization, detection and quiet mode available
  • Record your conference room
  • No need to enter any pin code to start the conference
  • Use with any of your DID numbers
  • This can also be used with your international numbers


  • Send faxes from your browser
  • Unlimited receivers per fax
  • Save fax templates for later use
  • Receive faxes over the web
  • Save your Faxes
  • Forward via email
  • Receive notifications by SMS


  • Send a web SMS with VoIP Business
  • View the messages in conversation view
  • Send messages all over the UK and abroad
  • See numbers of messages in a conversations being displayed on the icon


  • Single and Group voicemails
  • Listen to your voicemails through the telephone or web interface
  • Forward voicemails via email
  • Record your own custom greeting through the telephone or Web interface
  • Upload an mp3 file to use as your greeting

Address Book

  • Your personalized contact lists
  • Click Call Activity to view call history with the contact
  • Add/Edit ring to extension
  • Add/Edit Dial tone
  • Enable SMS & Fax

Groups / Departments

  • Your own personal extensions
  • Ring groups
  • Group fax
  • Group voicemail
  • Every group members can view complete group information

Landline, Mobile, and Tools

  • All standard and compatible VoIP phones
  • We haveWide range of telephone types available (office, home, cordless, Mobile etc)
  • Various manufacturers: Cisco, Gigaset, Snom, Grandstream, etc
  • Analog phones are also be used (using an analog-VoIP adapter)
  • Optional: make and receive calls over your PC (with a softphone and headset)
  • Complete configuration guides for many models in our Knowledgebase

CRM/Office Integration & API

  • Integrate your telephony with your Zoho CRM with our Zoho-Integration
  • Connect Gmail and telephony with the G Suite-Integration
  • Integrate into your own web projects with our API


  • Add multiple location for your business
  • Caller ID can be linked to each one


  • Highly available
  • Multiple data centers
  • Website secured through https
  • Parallel call forwarding to mobiles, should your internet connection be unavailable

Phone Numbers

  • DID numbers available for all local area codes
  • Block unwanted phone numbers
  • Port your existing UK telephone number
  • International numbers available from 30 countries
  • All numbers are available for use immediately

Billing & Account

  • Subscribe to one of our ravishing packages
  • We haveWide range of telephone types available (office, home, cordless, Mobile etc)
  • Payments via credit card and paypal
  • Itemised bill list for per minute calls available online
  • Receipts sent to you via email and downloadable from your account
  • View all your invoices on our web interface
  • Change your call plans anytime you want

Pairable with Voip trunking

  • Connect with your own PBX
  • Asterisk configuration guides also available in the Knowledgebase
  • 100 outgoing, from 1 – 50 incoming calls concurrently
  • Compatibility with popular manufacturers such as Asterisk, Linksys, 3CX, Amooma, Siemens

Technical Requirements

  • Broadband internet, ex: DSL, cable internet
  • 70Kbit/s per call
  • 10 concurrent calls are possible with a DSL 16,000 connection with 1 Mbit/s upload
  • No external technicians or IT teams needed, simple configuration in the web

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