Caller ID

Caller ID lets your business contacts know that you are calling them and vice versa. Don’t want to be an unknown number? Then let people know who’s calling.

Caller ID Feature

Caller ID is a feature which transmits the number of the caller. This feature can help you with finding out who is calling you before you pick up the phone. With VoIPBusiness’ Caller ID feature you are able to identify the party that is calling you.

Then you have the opportunity to decide on whether you want to receive the call or don’t. This feature also gives you the choice to display your own number to others when you are making calls.

Generally, there are two kinds of caller ID that are Caller ID Number and Caller ID Name. Caller ID Number displays you the phone number of those who are calling you whereas Caller ID Name displays the name of the individual who is calling you.

CLID Scenario in PBX

You just need to own the number, to get it verified, put the number in there to either receive a pin code via SMS or a phone call via the Cloud PBX, once you receive it, just verify, and here you go, that number that you own has now been validated as a number to be identified when you call someone, meaning it is now your CLID or Caller ID.

Benefits of the Caller ID feature?

  • When you turn on the Caller ID feature, it will display the information for incoming calls whether it is your desk phone or Smartphone.
  • You can see the name of the caller whether a person or company with help of Caller ID.
  • You can see the Caller ID information of received and missed calls. You can return any missed calls with just one click.
  • You can also create answering rules using the information given by your Caller ID. This way you can make sure that the important contacts are reached quickly.
  • Modify call handling for people you know, administer calls from different prospects, and monitor anonymous phone numbers.
  • You also have the freedom to control your outbound Caller ID.
  • You can pick your Caller ID that would be displayed on your recipient’s Caller ID from the list of direct numbers or displays your company number.
  • With Caller ID you can select the outbound Caller ID information for your own company number, individual extensions, and whole departments.

Frequently asked questions

Caller ID is offered to all VoipBusiness customers and works on desk phones, Smartphone, tablets, and the Softphone.

If someone calls you who have blocked Caller ID on their outgoing calls, then a “private” or “anonymous” message will be displayed on your Caller ID system.


Only the Admin of your account can change your company’s Caller ID Name that will be displayed on your recipient’s Caller ID.

If you have blocked your outgoing calls on your Caller ID and you call someone who has activated the Anonymous call rejection feature then your call will be rejected as your call will be displayed as private or anonymous.

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