Call Logs

Easily check your call history via our call logging feature and also evaluate call logs for more business insights.

VoIP Business Call Queue

View Your Entire Record of Incoming and outgoing Calls

The Call logs feature help you view the entire record of your incoming and outgoing calls. Through this VoIP Business feature you can also see the names, numbers of the callers along with the extension dialled, the call time, date and duration.

The VoIP Business keeps a complete call record of your every inbound and outbound call, your faxes through its call log feature. You can sort the call logs as you like by date, type and by call type.

Call Logging in PBX

if it’s an inbound or outbound call, call logging would still work. What happens is that if a caller is doing an inbound call, the details of the call will be logged in the system, in a similar fashion to an audit trial.

So, if I am User X, will be able to see the callers name, caller ID, and also the time, date and duration. If another User Y, wants to call that same person, he could access the call logs to understand if anyone in the team has already liaised with the caller, so timing-wise, that User Y can give a call to finalise a deal for example with the caller.

With customer service, it is the same, the caller has been contacted, the call audit trail will show that, so the User x or User Y can understand when and how to follow up.

Call Queues management
Call Queue Scenario

Benefits of the Call logs feature

Employees Performance

You can get a clear picture how your employees are performing.

Download The Logs

You can also download the call logs or can also have them by email.

Schedule Delivery

You can schedule an automatic delivery of call logs on monthly, weekly or daily basis.

Listen Recorded Call

With call logs you can also listen to the calls that have been recorded with download and playback choices.

Better Strategic Plan

With this feature you can better your strategic planning. As it allows you to track all transactions, billings, and expense and business metrics.

Frequently asked questions

We have a call recording feature which is separate from call logging. However, your fax and voicemails are stored. Call logs of voicemails and faxes are stored for up to a month. Almost 200 messages are stored in your online account. For desktop inbox all your voicemails and faxes are stored indefinitely.

All the transactions (e.g., call, fax), any activity (missed, etc.), the duration of the transaction, and the date and time.

Information regarding your main business number and your extensions can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet for further cost analysis. Some larger companies tend to use BI (Business Intelligence) techniques to report on the call logs.

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