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Get a host of cloud communication features with the talk of the town VoIP phone service.

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Supercharge your communications with VoIP Business

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Voicemail, messages, fax, and more – VoIP Business has everything on one platform. Notwithstanding the traditional telephone systems, everything with VoIP Business is online, immediate, and without complex installations. Sign up now and test over 100+ valuable features for 30 days for free.

Cloud - Hosted VoIP Phone Service

Everything online

  • Two Dashboards One for Admin and One for User
  • Admin can make multiple users
  • Admin will grant prevalages to user according to requirements
  • In-browser setup and configuration
  • No external technician necessary
  • Presence – Busy Lamp Fields (BLF)
  • Keep an eye on live calls


  • DDI
  • Extensions
  • Chat/Message
  • Call Transfer (Divert, Forward, Hold, Parking, Waiting )
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Caller ID
  • Teams
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Blocking
  • Phone Book


  • Add as many participants as you want.
  • Optimization, detection and quiet mode available.
  • Record your conference room.
  • No need to enter any pin code to start the conference.
  • Use with any of your DID numbers.
  • This can also be used with your international numbers.


  • Send faxes from your browser.
  • Unlimited receivers per fax.
  • Save fax templates for later use.
  • Receive faxes over the web.
  • Save your Faxes.
  • Forward via email.


  • Send a Text message with VoIP Business.
  • View the messages in conversation view.
  • Send messages all over the world.
  • See numbers of messages in a conversations being displayed on the icon.


  • Single and Group voicemails.
  • Listen to your voicemails through the telephone or web interface.
  • Forward voicemails via email.
  • Record your own custom greeting through the telephone or Web interface.
  • Upload an mp3 file to use as your greeting.

Address Book

  • Your personalized contact lists.
  • Click Call Activity to view call history with the contact.
  • Add/Edit ring to extension.
  • Add/Edit dial tone.


  • Your own personal extensions.
  • Ring groups.
  • Group fax.
  • Group voicemail.
  • Every group members can view complete group information.

Pairable with VoIP trunking

  • Connect with your own PBX.
  • Asterisk configuration guides also available in the Knowledgebase.
  • 100 outgoing, from 1 – 50 incoming calls concurrently.
  • Compatibility with popular manufacturers such as Asterisk, Linksys, 3CX, Amooma, Siemens.

CRM/Office Integration

  • Integrate your telephony with your Zoho CRM with our Zoho-Integration.
  • Connect Gmail and telephony with the G Suite-Integration.


  • Add multiple location for your business.
  • Caller ID can be linked to each one.


  • Highly available.
  • Multiple data centers.
  • Website secured through https.
  • Parallel call forwarding to mobiles, should your internet connection be unavailable.

Phone Numbers

  • DID numbers available for all local area codes.
  • Block unwanted phone numbers.
  • Port your existing UK telephone number.
  • International numbers available from 30 countries.
  • All numbers are available for use immediately.

Billing & Account

  • Subscribe to one of our ravishing packages.
  • We haveWide range of telephone types available (office, home, cordless, Mobile etc).
  • Payments via credit card and paypal.
  • Itemised bill list for per minute calls available online.
  • Receipts sent to you via email and downloadable from your account.
  • View all your invoices on our web interface.
  • Change your call plans anytime you want.

Landline, Mobile an Tools

  • All standard and compatible VoIP phones.
  • We have wide range of telephone types available (office, home, cordless, Mobile etc).
  • Various manufacturers: Cisco, Gigaset, Snom, Grandstream, etc.
  • Analog phones are also be used (using an analog-VoIP adapter).
  • Optional: make and receive calls over your PC (with a softphone and headset).
  • Complete configuration guides for many models in our Knowledgebase.

Technical Requirements

  • Broadband internet, ex: DSL, cable internet.
  • 70Kbit/s per call.
  • 10 concurrent calls are possible with a DSL 16,000 connection with 1 Mbit/s upload.
  • No external technicians or IT teams needed, simple configuration in the web.

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