Why your business needs VoIP in 2022?

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Many businesses and consumers are dealing with a decline in business as the COVID-19 continues to impact lives. Now the majority of private and government businesses are looking for ways to deal with coronavirus pandemic by utilising all available technologies. This has increased the dependency of many businesses on communication technology. The need for remote interaction has been stronger than before that’s why VoIP technology like zoom, teams, skype have been adopted largely over the worldwide. No doubt, this is an age of internet telephony.

Let’s reflect on why your business need VoIP in 2022?

The VoIP industry has a vital role for your business in the COVID-19 pandemic

First, let’s have a quick overview of the current circumstances.

The first case of Covid-19 reported in the UK on 31st January. Ever since the country has witnessed above forty thousand cases of deaths until now. Prime Minister, MR. Boris Johnson put the country to the lockdown on 23 March which was further extended to the 16th April.

They facilitate remote workers where feasible or recommended to care from any non-essential tour.

However, on 10 May, Prime Minister Boris relaxed in the lockdown restrictions for the coming weeks by new COVID Alert System.

Further, On June 1, the UK government decided to lift many lockdown rules. But still, the terror of Covid-19 is not over until this pandemic is cured or a vaccine is developed to combat this global crisis.

Many experts have different belief but no one knows when exactly the vaccine will be launched in the market for everyone.

Many companies are still preferring to have their staff work from home, this can help to maintain social distancing and people can move comfortably according to the circumstances.

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Is VoIP the Solution in remote Working?

The only way to deal with this crisis as a business owner is the adoption of VoIP technology. VoIP telecom industry is consistently providing support for the personal and businesses to remain in contact with each other. The surge of the telecom industry has been on the top during the pandemic.

Here are some reasons why your business should adopt VoIP in 2022?

Mobility: The VoIP services are generally not fixed to a specific location, area or point. You can carry your business communication anytime anywhere around the world without any delay by using your computer, laptop or even mobile devices as an extension of your office phone. This mobility will allow your employees to operate effectively while working remotely.

Video Conferencing: VoIP offers not just voice calls, but also a wide range of advanced features like audio-video conferencing. Many education sectors have already adopted VoIP technology to give and receive advance online classes. Many medical staff; doctors, nurses have seen immense usage of this technology in their emergency during training and meetings in COVID-19 crisis.

Cheaper: VoIP calls are simply cheaper than traditional services plus VoIP offers free international calls and no installation or maintenance for this system. Businesses are saving up to 65%.

Easy setup: By employing VoIP phone system, you only need an internet connection (existing internet also works) and a calling device for this purpose you can use your old PBX system with a VoIP adapter. The setup is not much costly as it allows users to use most of their existing devices and in terms of feature that can be equal to traditional or landline phone system.

Get VoIP services now for your businesses

The list illustrates the surge in the VoIP market and some selected services during COVID-19

Work-related platform Teams Number of daily active users have grown by 38% (from 32 million to 44 million in March 2020)
Zoom More than 26.9 million new mobile app has been downloaded earlier in March 2020
Slack Growth rate for net new paid customers experienced doubled from 1st Feb 2020 to the 18 March 2020
Cisco WebEx Twenty-two times increase in traffic from Japan, South Korea and Singapore.
Nord VPN Exceptionally rise in global usage more than 165%
Entertainment Facebook User time spending increased and messaging traffic more than 50% and video calling, live streaming also doubled in some markets.
Netflix Subscriber based grow by 9.6% in just one quarter (1Q 2020)
TV TV viewing recorded the traffic upto 60% increase during the lockdown
WhatsApp 76% time spending increase on WhatsApp in Spain and calling in doubled in some countries
Online gaming The average layers of counter strike increased by 20% during March 2020
Telecom operators AT&T USA The total number of WIFI calling minutes climbed up to 82% during the weekends.
BT UK Traffic on fixed lines increased as much as 60% compared to normal weekdays.
Vodafone Mobile user data traffic grow by 50% in some markets
Telecom Italia Internet traffic 70% increased overall since lockdown prevail in Italy
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