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Business VoIP UK provides a feature-rich business cloud phone system. It gives you a chance to enhance productivity and customise the experience with a dynamic communication service. With our Cloud Phone services, you can scale your business easily and quickly.

What is Cloud Based Phone System / Hosted PBX? 

Hosted PBX (Private Brand Exchange) is a cloud-based technology. It transforms the functions of traditional PBX into the modern cloud-based PBX. Instead of connecting telephones to an on-premise PBX, a cloud-based phone system connects them to secure data centres. That allows users to make and receive calls via the Internet. User gets all the features of an on-premises PBX and more, delivered smoothly to desk phones, computers, and Smartphone devices.

Ever since the cloud phone system has been introduced, it has made a revolutionary change in communication technology, now a large number of SME’s prefer using Internet telephony System. 

  • According to a study, 99.52% of the organisations that are using cloud phone services are pleased with the level of call quality.
  • 18 % of organisations select cloud-based technology because they think conventional phone systems are too dedicated, specific, and not reliable in the long run.
  • 77% of organisations prefer cloud phone technology for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

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What advantages cloud-based phone system has over traditional PBX?

With cloud-based phone solutions, businesses do not need additional on-premises telephone equipment.

It is a fact that the flexibility offered by cloud phone system is far greater than what traditional telephone system can provide. The hosted PBX doesn’t only enhance the quality but also the integration and communication of employees and customers.

Benefits of Cloud Phone System



The more diverse your organisation’s communication system, the more you get to benefit from the adaptability and simplicity of a cloud-based or hosted phone system.

This Modern technology allows organisations to reach all their locations and link phone lines for a centralised system. That also includes your off-site desk phones, contact centre phone lines, company or employee-owned mobile devices, and conferencing lines numbers. Many organisations move their businesses to hosted PBX because it is a fast, reliable, cost-saving solution.

UK Cloud Phone system providers like VoIP Business offer a simple, fully customisable and powerful VoIP telephone system. With a range of calling plans, including basic, standard, pro and enterprise. You can choose a plan based on your business condition, specification, and needs. 

Cloud phone solution is a comparatively low-risk and highly proven investment. The internet-based telephone system has many established benefits for businesses of all sizes. When comparing the advantages of a hosted system over a traditional telephone system, case studies reveal that all organisations can benefit from switching their communication service to Internet telephony.

Advanced features

Many organisations that have switched to a competitive Internet-based telephone system continue to take advantage of the cloud-based phone system and they should, while other organisations still rely on old analogue-based devices, like a fax machine.

Similarly, integrating various phone systems can be expensive and hard to manage for any organisation. The Cloud phone platform allows organisations to manage hybrid communications to get the best out of their communication system.


Mobile phones aren’t considered as a popular tool for businesses. Still, they’re taking on everything and becoming a regular means of communication, especially for today’s professionals who work from their offices, home, or anywhere in the world.

The study reveals that 50% of business professionals are using their mobile devices as a primary source for their work, and above 80% communicate through SMS. So, mobile devices with work-related apps have a huge role in businesses. Hence VoIP Business makes it easier for users to make calls via mobile. Whether your organisation supports mobile devices or own issued devices, the advance hosted PBX solution allows instant mobility.

There is no doubt that mobility is very essential today. But it still remains unclear whether mobile devices kill the desktop which was the primary source of getting work done. The UK cloud Phone system provider supports mobility and enables employees to take their office numbers with them everywhere in the world. For additional communication features, they can access customer data, chat messages etc.

Switch To VoIP A Cloud Based Phone System 

Make the strategic move to a VoIP cloud-based phone system for your business and experience the next level of communication efficiency. VoIP technology and cloud-based infrastructure empower businesses with scalable, reliable, and feature-rich communication solutions. Using the cloud makes your phone system accessible from anywhere, providing seamless connectivity for remote teams and enhanced flexibility. VoIP cloud-based systems offer advanced features such as auto-attendants, call routing, and unified messaging, streamlining communication processes. Say goodbye to traditional phone system limitations and embrace the future of cloud-based VoIP, where cost-effectiveness, easy scalability, and innovative features converge to elevate your business communication.

VoIP Business can provide you with all the essential calling features with a free trial version and you can easily set up a phone system for your team by signing up for free. 

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