Team Managing & Video Conferencing with VoIP Phone Services

Team Managing & Video Conferencing with VoIP Phone Services

Business VoIP systems are no longer serves as a medium for only making and receiving phone calls. Today’s VoIP communication system allows businesses to communicate through the phone, text, video, which gives them more flexibility to connect with customers or clients at anytime from anywhere they want. Video conferencing with the VoIP phone system has gained a lot of popularity during the recent years.

The way of managing team and collaboration with the employees has changed because with VoIP. You get a unified communication system that enables seamless audio and video calls through conferencing.

What are VoIP phone services, and How VoIP can help in managing a team?

VoIP or Voice over internet protocol is a technology that converts analogue voice signals into digital packets and transmits this signal over the Internet. 

This can be done quickly and steadily with your pre-existing internet connection. In addition you don’t need any expensive hardware or wires for installation. The setup process is relatively simple and easy to use.

VoIP Business allows users to sign up for a free 30-day trial, and provides a complete VoIP phone service with affordable VoIP monthly calling plans so you can make cheap calls over the Internet.

How VoIP phone services help in Managing Teams?

VoIP has now become a major tool for managing remote teams. Remote working has become more prevalent in today’s era, and that’s why small and medium-size businesses prefer to choose VoIP for managing their workforce. VoIP’s usage has increased immensely worldwide as compared to traditional landline networks. 

VoIP phone services are undoubtedly the future of the telecom industry. In the past, it was people couldn’t even think about working from home. But today, in the 21st century, we have communication systems that allow employees to work from home. With the passage of time, the use of a cloud phone system has increased a lot in every department, from accounting to IT to call centre solution and CRM tools to complete business phone system. Your staff can complete their tasks at any time regardless of their location. 

According to research, around 4.2 million people in the UK are now working from home and use VoIP phone services, accounting for 15% of the total workforce.

Here are some key points on how VoIP phone services help in Team Management:

  • Video calling on the desktop, mobile or even tablet, and on-demand anytime. You can make an audio call into video. 
  • Promote better team cooperation by dynamically working together with virtual working groups, co-workers, vendors, partners, or customers.
  • Provide Mobility with mobile devices. So a manager can manage their team anytime, anywhere without having to give a physical presence in the office. This level of mobility enhances the overall productivity of the employees.
  • VoIP Business provides a secure, reliable, quality team collaboration solution for small and medium-sized businesses. That helps in promoting sales as employees can better collaborate with their customers, have greater service control, reduce time to adopt some changes according to the market, and also encourage innovation. 

The top 2 factors of VoIP phone Services that facilitate small businesses to grow

Running Cost: 

Traditional or landline phone systems are expensive in term of monthly bills cost, high rates of international calling and they need costly hardware, and require maintenance process to upgrade the system. So, small businesses which have a staff of less than 100 employees, may find it very difficult to pay for such kind of expenses.

VoIP only demands as low as, £25-£35 per user, as per according to Plan (For Unlimited domestic and international Calls)

Due to its cost-effectiveness, VoIP services help many companies’ cut cost for monthly expenses by nearly 60% per cent less than the traditional phone system. VoIP cuts the costs for maintenance and installation, as everything is handled by your VoIP provider. So you don’t need to hire an expert or professional for installation or to upgrade the process. 

Advance Communication Features: 

In addition to cost-effectiveness, VoIP service providers offer a range of advanced calling features, like Interactive Voice Response, call forwarding, voicemail to mail, call recording, automatic redialing etc. without any extra charges. 

VoIP services are relatively flexible and allow a user to connect from any device from anywhere around the globe. Businesses can monitor their employees or clients from any part of the region and can connect simultaneously with multiple clients or employees. This not only saves time but also helps in managing the team. 

The mobility and portability that VoIP service provider offers is excellent if you want to grow your small business and want to avoid any unnecessary travelling expenses or mobile phone roaming charges.

The demand of VoIP phone services have increased as more and more companies are managing teams remotely, so they employ a VoIP phone system to improve their communication network.

VoIP Business service offers hosted VoIP phone solutions that support your businesses to manage your team effectively. You get high-quality audio and web conferencing. Similarly, customer collaboration, mobile applications with instant messaging helps businesses to deal efficiently with clients.

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