What is the 0560 number?


0560 is the number that is usually used for internet telephones. Calls between 0560 numbers are free until calls. You can call these numbers from anywhere, wherever you are. The format used for this number is 056 XXXX XXXX. On the other hand, if you are contacting this number from the UK using a traditional phone, you will be charged accordingly; and calling from outside the UK will charge you according to the standard international rates.

Types of 05 Numbering:

There are two types of 05 numbers, and 056 is one of them. The other one is 055. These numbers are also called non-standard numbers. It means that calling these numbers doesn’t ask for standard call rates.

These numbers are popularly used among large organizations. The primary need of these organisations is to build an extensive network of numbers that are not attached to any geographical area. Other than this, many organisations do not prefer using these numbers. They usually go for other non-geographical numbers like 08 and 03.

What is 055 Numbering?

These numbers are used for the corporate numbering system. The reason behind inventing this number was that the companies could use internal phone network all over the country. The network is built without linking the number to any geographical region.

However, most of the companies does not prefer to use 055. Instead of it, they tend to use the numbers linked to a particular geographical region.

055 numbers being used currently are:

  • 05511
  • 05516
  • 05555
  • 05588


What is 056 numbering?

056 is the number that is used by VoIP services. VoIP refers to making a voice call using internet protocol networks. VoIP is another way of making calls instead of traditional landlines. Also, it works best if you have a good internet connection to make use of VoIP service. The numbers you can use with 056 code are as follows:

  • 05600
  • 05601
  • 05602
  • 05603

VoIP services also use 01 and 02 numbers as an area code since 2004. Also, they are given more preference over 056 numbers as they are more recognisable than non-geographical codes.

Cost for Calling 05 Number:

Generally, the cost of using the 05 number for making calls depends upon the service provider. Apart from that, other factors that determine the price is the way you call, the location you are calling from, and the length of the call. While making calls to 055 or 056 numbers, you should firstly check the plan given by your service provider, whether these numbers are included in free minutes or not.

These are non-standard numbers. Therefore, charges of all these numbers are not the same. Some of these numbers are charged according to the geographical landline, whereas some of them are not.

056 as a Fake Telephone Number:

According to some sources, 056 is a fake telephone number. According to them, these fake numbers are used mainly by TV shows or movies. It allows the protection of the identity of the number and the caller while appearing in the film. The telephony company does not assign these numbers. These numbers are made by using fake number generators.


056 numbers are allocated by the VoIP service providers to their customers as these numbers are easy to handle and allow to make a block of different telephones for a particular company. Furthermore, they are also not connected to a specific location to operate. Furthermore, if we talk about fake number rumours, there are a lot of different services using 056 numbers all over the UK. It is helping companies to work according to their ease and building up the block of their telephone numbers. Considering this, it can’t be assumed that 056 are one of the fake numbers operating in the UK.

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