What are 0800 Numbers? Explained 2022

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Calling 0800 numbers was made accessible in July 2015. Before that, only landline phones had access to call these numbers free of cost. Mobile phone callers were asked to pay for the call they made to the 0800 numbers. Later on, questions were raised for 0800 numbers whether they should be called as a free phone number or not.

What are 0800 Numbers?

0800 numbers are used as non-geographic numbers all over the UK and are called without any charges. These numbers can be reached through mobile phones as well as landlines over the UK. 0800 numbers are considered the best source of marketing tools, and calling 0800 numbers can be free of cost.

How Do 0800 Numbers Work?

You can use a 0800 number the same way as you use a regular phone number. It can be used as your primary number, or you can change it to any other number as well.

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These can be used in two different ways:

  • Your customers can access your business without any charges. For example, the number can be used as a sales line.
  • You can allow your new customers to call you while responding to a specific advertisement and that too, with a ‘freephone number.’

These numbers can be more effective for your business as they provide your new customers with free cost callings all over the UK. Through such tactics, you can build your business reputation as well as customer loyalty.

Benefits of Using 0800 Numbers:

Using 0800 numbers can give you a lot of advantages. 

  • The highest number of calls on 0800 numbers compared to local area code has been a significant advantage. Many people know that calling the 0800 numbers is free of cost, so they tend to contact it for initial inquiries from local to the business or anywhere else in the country.
  • Businesses can be proved as something more than a national establishment while using numbers like 0800. It also lowers the usage of local code. On the other hand, having 0800 numbers has an advantage over the competitors if they don’t use 0800 numbers.
  • The customer will not have to pay the charges while calling you. 
  • It helps your company to get to higher levels. 
  • If your competitors do not have such numbers, it will benefit your company compared to your competitor. 
  • Free callings allow more people to call you in response to your advertisements. 
  • You can get stats regarding the promotions and advertising campaigns by using these numbers.
  • Using different 0800 numbers on all your advertisements, you can know how effective it could be by just considering the stats.
  • It can then help you to select the ad with better results and save money.
  • At last, one of the biggest benefits of these numbers is that they can be diverted to any existing numbers.

You can take better advantage of these numbers if you use them with VoIP phone systems. You don’t need to pay for setting up the system, and you don’t have to deal with long term contracts. You can remove the setup whenever you want.

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Diverting 0800 Numbers

You can direct your 0800 numbers to any other number. You don’t have to install anything; in fact, the calls can be diverted to the existing VoIP telephone number or a mobile number. It can be done through your VoIP business account. You can also change this anytime you want.

Monitoring & Reporting 0800 numbers:

All the data regarding your calls made through 0800 numbers is recorded in your account. You can download the report or review it online. 

Features & Functionality of 0800 numbers:

The features in 0800 numbers are the same as ordinary numbers. For example, they can be diverted to voicemail; they can be put on hold with the music in the background, transferred to any other number, and can be used with Virtual PBX services. 

Calling 0800 numbers from a Business Phone:

New rules introduced are applied to all personal mobile phones as well as residential landlines. In the case of business phones, phone companies are providing some relaxation regarding call charges.

You have to check whether you will be charged or not for calling the 0808 or 0800 numbers through the business phone.

Calling 0800 numbers from a Payphone:

Payphones have different methods of charging costs. So, service charges are not applied to them. One can not call all service numbers using a payphone, especially to the numbers with higher prices per minute.

In conclusion to all that, one can say that it is beneficial to both the parties i-e. The company using 0800 numbers and the individuals calling these numbers. According to different studies, numbers like 0800 and their variants were being used for a long time. They will continuously be in use in the future as well until the people call them regularly.

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