What are the 2 advantages of internet telephony

advantages of internet telephony

What are the 2 advantages of internet telephony?

Internet Telephony or the IP telephony is a group of technologies and methodology which delivers the multimedia sessions and voice communication over Internet Protocol or the IP networks. Others terms which are used for IP telephony commonly used are broadband telephony, internet telephony, internet broadband phone system or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). With the development of the technology, there are a lot of changes that have been brought over the last century. Regardless of the development of conventional types of the telecommunication, the hunt for improved options has continued. Hence, the idea of Internet Telephony came.

2 Advantages of Internet Telephony

Internet telephony provides several advantages over the regular circuit-based phone network. The most important two significant advantages are Mobility and Cost Reduction.

  • Mobility

One of the most important features of the internet telephony is mobility. It offers you the freedom to make and receive phone calls from everywhere around the globe. You will only need an active internet connection to run the services. Since, in the 21st century, internet services are available approximately everywhere in types of Wi-Fi, cellular internet services, 3G and 4G which makes using VoIP easy.

  • Cost Reduction

Decreased call charges are the major driving force which has driven the increased reputation of the internet telephony. It costs a lot less to set up a packet switch network for the IP protocol telephony rather than a circuit switch network for Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). IP telephony needs just one network to transmit both data and voice. Therefore, using just one network rather than two reduces the production of the phone calls. That is how the call charges for the customers become quite minimal.

Other than these two main features, it has a wide range of several other features. Other internet telephony features include video calling, call forwarding, conference calling and much more. Majority of these services provided by the internet protocol are free of any cost. Nonetheless, the services which are charged are usually within the affordable range.

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