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Definition of PBX – PBX Meaning

Private Branch Exchange or PBX is a telephone system that operates within one building or in a company. It can also be connected to an outside telephone network or phone lines. PBX is a type of circuit switching network that operates physically on a location on demand of the customer. The system serves internally from station-to-station for communication within and outside the company. The method uses a trunk circuit that connects to the PSTN (public switched telephone network). Users need a dedicated desk or phone for making and receiving phone calls.

The first PBX system was set up in the services of Old Soldiers’ Home in 1879 in the country Dayton (Ohio). The first model of PBX telephony system was non-standard modifications of CO switches. But after that, AT&T proposed the first standard PBX system, in 1902. Since the 1900s, no further evolution or advancement in the system has been made and the PBX technology remains the same just as it was in the early 1900s.


Evolution of PBX Telephony

The telephony system started to evolve after the invention of VOIP or Voice Over IP technology. Since then companies continue to adopt VoIP technology with the “hybrid” network-based system or with a circuit-switched network with a VoIP adapter. Many businesses have made their business communication more effective by shifting their old PBX system to the modern hosted PBX system in the cloud-based environment (VoIP telephony).


‘’VoIP telephony is defined as a system that is used to make phone calls over the internet by using an existing landline system and internet connection. VoIP converts analogue voice system into a digital packet and the calls being made over the internet.’’


Traditional PBX Vs. VoIP PBX

Private Branch Exchange or traditional PBX requires substantial investment and ongoing maintenance. On the contrary, VoIP PBX does not require any training, maintenance charges as the system is entirely based on cloud-based PBX system that is accessible via an IP network. The VoIP PBX provider takes care of all the things so users don’t need a dedicated IT staff. A VoIP PBX provider has the ability to manage entire phone systems via a user-friendly control panel. For this reason, VoIP PBX systems are increasingly are being adopted by the small to medium-sized businesses.

Traditional PBX does not provide many advanced features like VoIP PBX such as auto attendants, call recording, video conferencing, extension dialling, Voicemail to mail and call queues etc.

Key benefits of Hosted telephony system


  • Remove location barrier– VoIP system provides flexibility, so employees can work from anywhere with a virtual PBX office phone system. PBX hosting is an ideal solution for call centre businesses or any SME’s. If you need to collaborate with your remote staff or want to improve your business communication, then hosted VoIP system is the best choice for your businesses. This way you can work even on the go without having to miss potential business opportunities.
  • Boost corporate image– a hosted telephony system can help small businesses give the impression of a large organization with a professional business communication phone system.
  • Scalability– Hosted telephony system enables your organisation to have advanced business communication and provides all the necessities to grow smoothly without any delay or interruption. By employing hosted PBX, companies can add or remove multiple lines or extensions as their business grows without having to connect with a copper wire or hardware. The Hosted telephony can work with the Mobile, Laptop, computer or even tablet without any limitation.


Best Hosted PBX or Hosted Telephony Services in the UK


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