What is a Hosted VoIP Solution?

Hosted Voip solution

What is a hosted VoIP solution?

The hosted VoIP business phone system is a virtual office system. This new advancement has a lot of other names in the telecommunication world. Essentially a hosted VoIP phone service is similar to a high-end on-site PBX but it just has the infrastructure and the equipment which makes it work are handled by the hosted VoIP phone service provider such as MITEL.

Who uses Hosted VoIP Solution?

In order to understand the hosted VoIP phone service, you need to understand the cloud system. You might have already heard about the cloud before, it is a thing that exists in a distant galaxy just accessible by IT geniuses. In fact, it is not. Cloud services are only a network of servers that are designated to carry out a particular function or a set of functions. If you have ever used social media or email then it means you have used cloud services. Whenever information is stored anywhere but a physical device it is actually stored in the cloud.

What does hosted VoIP phone system work?

Cloud Technology also offers online services. In any application of a cloud-based telephone system, the day-today business communication is managed remotely by a secure server. This means that you do not need to worry about any type of physical hardware or equipment. The hosted VoIP telephone services offer you the ability and facility to expand your own space. Since the hosted VoIP vendor takes care of the infrastructure and your business is free to utilise as much or as little according to your business needs.

How the hosted VoIP solution works?

In simple words, the hosted PBX solution works just like a dream. Only if you have dreamt about a business telephone system which has a full range of scalability, requires no maintenance and has advanced facilities and everything is at cheap monthly charges. In particular, it works by changing analogue voice signals into digital data packets so that the voice traffic runs on a similar high-speed connection as your existing data and the internet traffic. Nowadays cloud servers are extremely fast, extremely redundant, and utilize advanced encryption the voice and data traffic is reliable secure and crystal clear. A hosted VoIP solution might be what you need for your business.

Advantages of hosted VoIP service

There are a lot of advantages in using the most advanced solutions instead of the traditional phone services or an onsite VoIP phone system. The biggest advantage is the cost. A hosted VoIP phone system cost you a lot less for setup compared to the onsite PBX. In the majority of the cases, there is no setup fee for a hosted VoIP phone system. The hosted VoIP solutions fall under the operational expenses instead of the capital expense. Therefore hosted VoIP solutions are more impressive to businesses. Furthermore, the advantage of hosted VoIP solutions compared to the onsite PBX is that hosted VoIP vendors can take care of all the setup and installation which means that you don’t have to be a Telecom or a VoIP expert to get the hosted VoIP.

Facilities and features

You get a lot of different functions and features with the hosted VoIP phone system. The capability which previously was unimaginable and unavailable to the traditional telephone services. With hosted technology is your business, the system can even go for them. Meaning it can take your business to another level. Nowadays telecommunication does not only refer to VoIP. A hosted phone service provides you a whole communication integration which means that you get every powerful tool which every modern business requires. The services could include video conferencing receiving Voicemail read emails voice to take technology and web conferencing just to name a few.

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