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Generally, business VoIP refers to a VoIP-based phones services or phone system which can deliver the calls to workers over the office IP data network. Until the 1980s the conventional telephone calls were made through the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) using copper wires and switches. However, with the creation of VoIP, it became possible to make phone calls over the same IP data network which is used on your computers tablets and Smartphones which leverages for email, web browsing etc. A Business VoIP phone system has advanced a lot over the past decade.

Now usually VoIP does not even need much in the department of hardware. There are a lot of business VoIP options available in the market. Therefore any executive and IT, managers have to do research before they make any decision regarding the phone system for their business. You have to make sure that the VoIP provider which you have selected provides the feature and the reliability that your business needs in order to run seamlessly.

What type of phones do you need for the business VoIP system?

The business VoIP system works with IP phones which are connected through Ethernet instead of the traditional phone cables. There are a lot of IP phones available in the market and you can read their reviews online to know how the customers feel about using them. The most important suggestion that we can give you regarding the business VoIP phone system is that you should select the phone which works best with every business VoIP phone service. If a business VoIP service vendor tells you that their services need a particular type of phone which cannot be used with any other service provider then you should be cautious, because it is a common lockdown scheme.

VoIP business users also have the facility of using VoIP apps that provide you free on-the-go-phone along with voicemail management applications. Further, there are VoIP desktop apps available for Windows and Mac computers, along with a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, and an app also available for browsers such as Chrome, Opera and Firefox web browsers. VoIP apps allow you to make voice and video call in real-time along with allowing you to review all your past calls voicemails and messages.

Top features of a business VoIP system

A business VoIP service provider nowadays combines features of the enterprise phone system and the integration which boosts productivity with famous business applications. We have mentioned some of the examples in the table below.


Integrations & extras

Auto attendants Mobile integration
Voicemail Click-to-call
Dial-by-name directory Unified communications application (available on desktop and mobile apps)
Ring groups High-rise CRM integration
Music on hold Developer APIs
Announcements Video conferencing


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